NEWS: Brandon Dubinsky Signs A Four-Year Deal

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Nick Kypreos tweets that the Rangers have signed Brandon Dubinsky to a four-year deal for a total of $16.8 million and a cap hit of $4.2 million per season.

Dubinsky, 25, was headed to arbitration with the team today.

The deal breaks down to pay Dubinsky $3.75M in the first two years and $4.65M in the last two.

The Rangers now have $6.4 million in cap space according to Cap Geek.

Great News

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BUZZ: The Rangers Will Elect A One Year Award on Brandon Dubinsky

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Larry Brooks, in the NY Post, says that the Rangers will elect a one-year arbitration award with Brandon Dubinsky.

Brooks says that the Rangers have slotted Dubinsky in at $2.8 million while Dubinsky is requesting $4.6 million, but that both sides expect Dubinsky to come away with a salary between $3.8 and $4.4 million.

He also says that the Rangers have no intention of walking away from the award and that they plan to keep quiet besides their required statements to lower any sort of additional headache.

Dubinsky took the Rangers to arbitration because he had the right to do so. The Rangers, surely, didn’t want it to come to this, but it does end all contract issues with Dubi for this coming season and since they don’t plan to attack him to influence the decision, hopefully it will leave fewer hard feelings than arbitration usually brings.

Dubinsky will still be an RFA next summer.
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BUZZ: It’s About The Money With Brandon Dubinsky

Update: 6:46PM: In a tweet responding to a question, Larry Brooks wrote that Brandon Dubinsky would get at least $5 million a year if he was an unrestricted free agent, “no questions about it.”

He goes on to tweet that Villie Leino is getting $4.5 million per season and that Dubinsky would likely eclipse that if he were able to sign anywhere.

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In the NY Post, Larry Brooks says that the sticking point between Brandon Dubinsky and the Rangers is the money he will get per season.

Brooks says that Dubinsky is believed to be asking for a deal that pays him between $5 million and $5.25 million and that he Rangers are believed to be offering $500,000 less per season.

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READ: Brandon Dubinsky Doesn’t Need A Letter To Be A Leader

“I think everyone who is around me and knows me knows that I will be the same guy with or without (a letter). I will voice my opinions, I will be loud, I will be emotional, and I’m going to keep bringing that same effort I do every day.”

Brandon Dubinsky to Blueshirts United

That is good because I am not so sure that he will get a letter this season with Brad Richards likely taking the “A” that Ryan Callahan will leave behind when he gets the “C” on his jersey. It doesn’t matter though as long as Dubinsky continues to play his game, be vocal, and lead by example. He is already a leader in the locker room and doesn’t need a letter to reinforce that.

Dubinsky’s arbitration hearing is scheduled for this Thursday.


READ: The Situation With Ryan Callahan and Brandon Dubinsky

At the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes about the situation at hand with RFA’s Brandon Dubinsky and Ryan Callahan.

Brooks says that since Dubinsky is two years away from being a UFA, the Rangers can elect a two-year award for Dubinsky if the two sides can’t  reach an agreement before his arbitration hearing on July 21.

Callahan is only one year away from being a UFA and is much more pressing to get signed before his arbitration hearing on July 28th.

Brooks says that both players are expected to get between $3.7 million and $4.4 million if they go to arbitration.

The Rangers have $11.6 million in  cap space.

With Brian Boyle signed, the focus should be on Brandon Dubinsky as his case is the closest to being heard. Maybe the Rangers will need to pay a little more per season to get them locked up for three or four years and avoid the nastiness of arbitration. I really can’t stress that enough. You don’t want to start pointing out what is wrong with two of your best players, youngest stars, and leaders. It will just lead to bad blood and distractions that the team doesn’t need.


NEWS: Arbitration Dates Set

Andrew Gross tweets that Brandon Dubinsky will have his arbitration hearing on July 21, Brian Boyle on July 25 and Ryan Callahan on July 28.

Hopefully they can all sign before arbitration.