What people are saying about Chris Kreider right now

Chris KreiderChris Kreider has 19 points in his last 29 games and the Rangers are 17-0-1 in their last 18 games when Kreider has recorded a point. (Rangers Game Notes)

Kreider has 17 goals this season, 10 at even strength and 7 on the PP.

Brian Leetch said of Kreider recently, “we have seen glimpses of this throughout his career to this point and now he is starting to put it together consistently. He is a big man with a lot of speed and strength and when he plays a ‘watch and react’ game you don’t notice him as much but when he is in on the forecheck and driving to the net, he can’t be stopped. He can be held in check but with his speed and release, the opposing defensemen have a tough time containing him.

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Chris Kreider is coming on and how good he can be

Chris KreiderChris Kreider has 14 points in his last 25 games after only 17 points in his first 33 games.

In the past 12 games, Kreider has had 5 shots on goal once, 4 shots on goal five times, 3 shots on goal once, 2 shots on goal four times and one game with 0 shots on goal.

Joe Micheletti said before the All-Star break that when Chris Kreider skates, uses his size and shoots the puck he is at his best.

Henrik Lundqvist said after the game against Ottawa that when Kreider plays with speed it’s hard to stop.

He added, “I see it in practice everyday and coming down the wing, he is big and strong and fast and when he plays the puck in the right area he can skate into it and it’s tough for a defender and he has a great shot.”

On the season, Kreider has 14 goals and 17 assists and is on pace of 20 goals and 24 assists.

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The Marty St. Louis and Chris Kreider relationship

Marty St. LouisLarry Brooks says that during games as well as in practice Chris Kreider is always talking/listening to Marty St. Louis. (NY Post)

Kreider describes their relationship as give and take, saying that Marty “gives” and Kreider “takes” in what he tells him. (NY Post)

He said that St. Louis is so “cerebral” on the ice with how he sees plays developing and is on a different level from other players. (NY Post)

St. Louis has been described as a player/coach type of person.

Chris Kreider says that PK Subban asked him to fight

Chris KreiderChris Kreider said that he had no issues with PK Subban after their run-ins on Thursday night. (NY Post)

Kreider said that Subban was the one who asked to fight and Kreider dropped his gloves while Subban didn’t. (NY Post)

Subban said that he wasn’t prepared to fight the first time but the second time they came together he was.

He added that he wasn’t surprised by what Subban did, saying that it’s his “m.o.” and he was trying to draw a penalty. (NY Post)

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Chris Kreider and PK Subban in the first period

Chris Kreider Tongue1/30/15 | 10:30AM: PK said, “the second time I was ready to go. The first time I wasn’t, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go off for five minutes. The second time I was. They are a good team. I am not a tough guy and not looking for fights.” (TSN 690)

1/29/15 | 8:02PM: PK Subban and Chris Kreider were both sent to the penalty box with coincidental minors twice in the first period.

The first time Kreider was called for unsportsmanlike conduct and Subban was called for embellishment and the second time both were called for unsportsmanlike conduct.

John Giannone said with 3:38 left in the period, with Kreider and Subban in the box for the second time, “the two are still verbally sparring in the penalty box. What went on during the commercial break was Tanner Glass was telling the Montreal bench that what Subban did was an embarrassment to the game.”

Following the Glass/Brandon Prust fight, Giannone said “I can tell you what happened with Kreider and Subban, Chris Kreider turned to the Rangers bench and said ‘should I? Should I?’ and when he got the word yes he turned around and Subban had, at that point, turned away to go back to the play.

Dominic Moore said that both players are competing hard and trying to get under each others skin.

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Chris Kreider is a “goalie killer” and is not well liked by people in Montreal

Derek Stepan, Chris Kreider,   Zack SmithOn Habs Breakfast on Thursday morning, the panel discussed the Rangers win over Montreal in the playoffs last year and “goalie killer” Chris Kreider.

The conversation, between the three panelists included quotes such as:

  • On why Montreal isn’t more pissed off at the Rangers, “They don’t believe that Kreider crashed into Price on purpose, they believe that it was a hockey play and wasn’t on purpose.”
  • One panelist things that Montreal does think Kreider did it on purpose but, “I think that they do put just don’t want to put gas on the fire. I am sure they talk about it in the dressing room. They see the video, they were there, they saw it. They know how he is, they know how many goalies he whacks. I hate the guy, who will take care of that guy?”
  • One of the hosts said, “I’m not looking for a Bertuzzi/Moore kind of deal here, every second that this guy plays against the Canadiens you have to make him aware that you are there. I step out of the way if I am a goalie and Kreider is coming in.”
  • Another added, “If I was on the ice with Kreider he would have to wear a shin pad on the back of his leg all day.”

People in Montreal want the league to crack down on Kreider and his penchant for running into goalies.