Read: Carl Hagelin is happy to take a stick in the face if it means helping the team

2:33PM: Henrik Lundqvist said today (Rangers Report): “when you get hit in the face like that and we score two goals, you can deal with it…it’s pretty good. It seems like this year his face is a magnet…I don’t know how many times during the year he has gotten hit with the puck. Normally I would feel bad for him but yesterday he can take one for the team, I think.

10:20AM: Carl Hagelin drew a double minor in the third period last night when the Flyers Jason Akeson of the Flyers saw his stick smack Hagelin across the face and cut Hagelin’s lip.

Hagelin said that Akeson got him “pretty good” but that he will take it. (CBC)

He added, “you are ready to take one for the team, especially when it’s tied and we find a way to score, it’s a good feeling. (SNY)

Akeson said after the game that he went to hit Hagelin, his back leg swung out and his stick came out. He added that it was unfortunate and that he certainly wasn’t going out there to take a four minute PP. Akeson said that it was a “sick feeling” watching the Rangers score. (CBC)

Read: Pierre McGuire on last night and the Rangers (Update: Ray Ferraro also)

Rangers1:06PM: Ray Ferraro on Leafs Lunch on TSN Radio said: “The Flyers did nothing, it was like their best line with Giroux had two shots, both by Hartnell, I don’t even remeber them. Giroux was non-existent which surprises me, Simmonds I didn’t notice him. In the first they tried to be physical on the defense and the Rangers had the bobbles for sure. Once the second period started it was more Rangers than Flyers and somewhere late in the third the Flyers had four offensive zone faceoffs. If you only have four is the puck ever there? Lundqvist could have played the third in the chair. In fact, had Lundqvist not played they would have lost 4-2 because they only had one shot.”

Ray adds, “The Rangers PP had it’s ups and downs, I felt terrible for Akeson. He must have been dying a slow death there. I can’t believe the Flyers will be that bad in game two because they were awful in the first game. Somewhere along the way they need to win in New York and it hasn’t happened in three years, in none of those games have they scored three goals.” To read more of this story, click here

Recap: Brad Richards on The Michael Kay Show

Brad RichardsBrad Richards joined The Michael Kay show at 4PM on ESPN Radio:

  •  Can you believe Don was 15 min late to the game, “I can believe it in this city.”
  • On last night, “we wanted to get a good start on home ice. When you get a home ice, to get the first win and get some momentum, you know that the road team is going to come in and try to steal one so it was good to get one in the bank but really it means nothing more than a win at this point, we have moved on and expect game two to be a much tougher game.”

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Alain Vigneault

Recap: Alain Vigneault with Mike Francesa

Alain Vigneault joined Mike Francesa at 1:30PM on WFAN:

  •  On last night, “obviously it was a pretty good game for us. Going into the third we had a tie game and we were able capitalize on a double minor where we scored two goals and that was the difference in the game.”
  • On executing his vision, “we said going into the series that we had to play to our strengths and our strengths are that is that when it’s time to defend we defend hard and smart and when we get the puck we go north/south and we attack the opposition real quickly. That is what we did last night, we spent a lot of time through the year working on the PP. Scott Arneil, my associate coach is in charge of the PP and he spent a lot of time with both units. and Stepan’s unit was able to come up big at at big time, a pressure moment. We had killed one of their penalties a little before that and they get the double minor and get them to pay. It was the first game of the series and they had been up front with how they would play. They were gonna come at us hard. They like the chippiness to their game and a lot of pushing and shoving after the whistle and we need discipline and play whistle to whistle and that is what we did last night.”

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Read: The third period last night and the defense

RangersThe Flyers had 15 shots on goal last night but only one in the third period.

The shot was taken by Jason Akeson about 20 seconds before he took a double minor that saw the Rangers score two goals including the game winner.

In the the first 7 minutes of the third period the Rangers had 4 missed shots and 4 shots that were blocked.

Following the Akeson penalty, the Flyers had one more shot attempt which was a Kimmo Timonen shot that went wide.

For the Flyers, Jakub Voracek had no shots on goal, 1 blocked and two missed, and Claude Giroux had none on goal and one blocked and one that missed.

Brad Richards said on MSG after the game, “We tried to do the right things, keep pucks down below their goal line. It helps when you get four PPs  It’s a third period and you don’t want to beat yourself. I don’t want to say safe but you make different decisions when up 3-1 and you have to make them come 200 ft and if you turn pucks over it won’t be good. We had some PPs and that takes away from their offense so it’s just part of playing with a lead.”

Joe Micheletti said after the game, “the Rangers kept everything to the outside. They didn’t give the Flyers any time or space and couldn’t come up the ice with any speed or puck control. It was a tremendous display of defensive hockey. They limited the amount of time that Giroux had.”

When asked about the defense, Ryan McDonagh said on MSG “we managed the puck well. When we were in our zone we didn’t get caught our stuck in the zone for too long. We did a good job of using our speed and trying to get north/south really quick and did a good job of getting fresh legs. When we play with the pace like that and speed it is tough to keep up and we need to maintain that focus.”

Stats/Read: Ryan McDonagh’s return to the lineup

Ryan McDonaghIn his return to the lineup last night, Ryan McDonagh played 22:42, had one shot on goal, 2 shots blocked, 2 hits, 1 giveaway, 1 takeaway, one penalty and a minus one.

McDonagh played, by period:

  • First Period: 6:32
  • Second Period: 7:11
  • Third Period: 8:59

In the first period McDonagh was skating with the puck behind the net when Scott Hartnell hit him, stole the puck and fed Andrew MacDonald for the Flyers goal.

Larry Brooks writes that besides being hit by Hartnell, losing the puck and the Flyers scoring, McDonagh also committed an “unsightly and unforced” turnover inside the blue line. (NY Post)

He was on the ice for both Rangers PP goals in the third period. On Derek Stepan’s goal McDonagh made a move around Sean Couturier inside the blue line, skated down to the circle where he passed the puck to Marty St. Louis across the ice. St. Louis went back up to the point for Richards and Richards fed Stepan across the ice at the net to make it 3-1

McDonagh said that he didn’t feel he was at his best to start the game and couldn’t grip the puck or feel confident in his skates. He said that everyone stayed positive with him and he found a way to contribute. (ESPN NY)

He added that as the game went to the second period he calmed down, kept things simple and felt like himself the rest of the game. (North Jersey)

Alain Vigneault said after the game, “I feel that I should have played him, at the beginning, in Montreal, that is how I was thinking (chuckle)…whew…then obviously he got better. He found his hands and his rhythm and he had been out for a couple of weeks in between games, that is a little normal but he did get better and got more confidence and he will only get better as we move forward.”

Alain Vigneault

Recap: Alain Vigneault post game comments

Alain Vigneault met with the media following the Rangers win over the Flyers (SNY’s Nick Licalzi)

Was it a complete team effort, “it was a hard game. We knew coming in what to expect and for the most part we executed fairly well. We got out of our end pretty quickly and got to spend quite a bit of time in their end. They did a good job and the game is tied after two going to the third and we kill off a big penalty and then they take a 4 min high sticking and the PP did what it has to do and produced.

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