Read: Marc Staal on adding Dan Boyle

Marc StaalMarc Staal said that he is excited to get to know Dan Boyle and the team is excited to have him. (TBNews)

Staal said that Boyle is still a great player, very talented with the puck and will be a “huge help” on the power play. (TBNews)

It’s been speculated that Boyle will shift into Anton Stralman’s spot and skate with Staal but Staal said that he isn’t sure what the pairings will be. (TBNews)

Asked about Staal, Boyle said “him and I played in the All-Star game a few years ago so I do know him a little bit but he had to deal with the eye injury but he looks like he has come back from it. As far as playing with him, any partner I have had in the past has kind of had to adjust to me a little bit more, I can play with anybody. I am a positive guy on the bench, I am hard on myself but when it comes to my teammates I am very positive and supportive and whatever he needs from me, I’ll be there. He is a responsible D man and allows me to go out there and do what I do best and hopefully it’s a good match. (Rangers)

Recap: Henrik and Joel Lundqvist interview

LundqvistHenrik and Joel Lundqvist were on TYT Sports while in California recently: (TYT Sports)

  • Can hockey grab the excitement that soccer gets around the World Cup, Henrik: “Having big tournaments creates interest and passion for that sport and World Cup is huge. With hockey, our big opportunity, playoffs is big but Olympics is a great stage for hockey where we have a big platform and reach new fans.”
  • How important is international competition, Joel: “It’s very important, like Henrik said, and Olympics, World Championships, it’s good for hockey. If you go back 5-10 years it was only like 5 countries who were really good and now it’s 8-9 countries that produce a lot of good players.”

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Read: When Lee Stempniak has been at his best

John Davidson, the former President of the Blues, said that when he signed Lee Stempniak to a three-year deal following a 27 goal, 25 assist season, he was locking up a good young player with upside.  (CP)

Stempniak played 4 years for St. Louis and had 130 points in 223 games. He was traded to Toronto where he played 123 games and only had 61 points.

From Toronto he was sent to Phoenix where he played in 100 games and had 56 points, including 14 goals in the 18 games right after he was traded.

He adds that his success in Phoenix was due in part to joining a winning team and “it’s always easier to play well and have individual success on a good team.” Stempniak said that when he got to Phoenix he played wanted to play his game which is skating, shooting, playing at both ends and being a two-way player. (Globe and Mail)

Don Maloney said that Stempniak is a player with good hockey sense .(Globe and Mail)

When Stempniak was signed to a two-year extension with Calgary in 2012, former Flames GM Jay Feaster said that Stempniak has offensive upside, has shown he can play at both ends of the rink and his ability to skate and forecheck will fit in with Bob Hartley’s coaching style. (National Post)

At one point this part season, Stempniak was a candidate to be a healthy scratch and Flames coach Bob Hartley said that everyone needs to work hard and no one is entitled to anything. (Wes Gilbertson)

He had 11 points in 21 games after being sent from Calgary to Pittsburgh this season.

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Read: Henrik Lundqvist on the pressure that he feels and the spot the Rangers have in his heart

Henrik LundqvistHenrik Lundqvist said that he always has pressure on himself because players come from all over trying to take his spot. He says that he must push himself to stay at a top level and that it’s “tough” and a healthy approach and thinking the right way is needed. (Expressen)

Lundqvist says that the Rangers now hold a larger spot in his heart than his former team of Frolunda which is not something that he ever thought would happen. He says that the Rangers have been “fantastic” to him. (Expressen)

Lundqvist adds that people come up to him in his home of Gothenburg and that it’s hard to have an issue with it when the people only have positive things to say. (Expressen)

Read: Derick Brassard is trying to get stronger/wants to stay a Ranger

BrassardDerick Brassard took two weeks off after the Rangers season ended, “to get away from the game,” but is back working out and trying to get stronger and faster. (Daily News)

Brassard said that it’s been nice to see friends and family this summer but after the run in the playoffs he is looking forward to getting back to New York and playing again. (Daily News)

Pat Leonard, who spoke with Brassard on Thursday at Dominic Moore’s charity event, says that Brassard loves playing for the Rangers and wants to do so for “a long time.” (Daily News)

Brassard has an arbitration hearing scheduled for Monday which would set him up with a one-year deal this season and a chance to be a UFA next summer.

It’s expected that a one-year deal for Brassard, through arbitration or not, would come in around $4.5 million while a longer term deal would likely have a cap over $5 million.


Stats: Goalie projections for the 2014-15 season

Cam TalbotThe Hockey News has released their fantasy “Pool Guide” for the 2014-15 season.

For Henrik Lundqvist, they have him posting a record of 35-21-6-5, 5 shutouts, a save percentage of .923 and a GAA of 2.18

On Lundqvist, they say that year after year he is one of the best goalies in the league and that won’t change anytime soon.

For Cam Talbot, they have a record of 12-6-2-2, a save percentage of .925 and a GAA of 2.11

Adding up the two goalie projections has the Rangers winning 47 games but the total number of games adds up to 89.

Last year The Hockey News had Lundqvist finishing 38-23-6-7 and Marty Biron going 6-5-3-1.

Read: Marty St. Louis has been training for about a month

3:10PM: Marty St. Louis said today that he started training for this coming season for “four weeks, probably four-five weeks.” (Rangers)

He said, “Didn’t want to take too much time off with the short summer. I wanted to make sure that I will be ready on time so I figured that the less time off that I take, the better prepared I will be. I am taking a vacation here and there and I started training early so I could take those vacations. (Rangers)

He added, “this is the time of the year where you can prepare and be ready for the challenge, we know that it’s a tough and long year and the work you put it in the summer really sets yourself up for how you want to play. You need to focus on the things that will make you do that and I try to do that and put my time in the summer and have a big year.” (Rangers)

St. Louis said that besides training he has spent a lot of time this summer at the beach, pool, on the golf course and with his family. (Rangers)


Read: Taylor Pyatt is likely heading to Europe (Update: Signs with Geneva)

Taylor Pyatt

7/24/14 | 3:27PM: Pyatt has signed with Geneva in the Swiss league which lost Matthew Lombardi to the Rangers. (PHT)

7/17/14 | 4:24PM: Taylor Pyatt has “all but resigned himself” to playing in Europe as he hopes to continue his hockey career. (TB News, via Puck Daddy)

Pyatt said that there have been few offers so far and that Europe seems like a “pretty good option.” (TB News, via Puck Daddy)

He signed a two-year deal with the Rangers, worth $1.55 million per year, in the summer of 2012 and played in all 48 games of the lockout year and 22 this year before being placed on waivers.

Pyatt had 6 goals and 6 assists with 16 PIM in his time with the Rangers. He played in 12 playoff games and had two goals and two assists.

The Penguins claimed Pyatt off of waivers in early January.

After going to the Penguins, he had 4 goals in 34 games but did not appear in the playoffs.

Read: Which way the Rangers are trending this summer

RangersCraig Custance lists the Rangers as a team that is trending “down” because of the depth that they lost and the recent history of teams who lost the Stanley Cup Final. (ESPN Insider)

  • 2013 loser: Boston lost in the second round in 2014
  • 2012 loser: New Jersey didn’t make the playoffs in 2013
  • 2011 loser: Vancouver lost in the first round in 2012
  • 2010 loser: Philly lost in the second round in 2011

No team has been to the Stanley Cup Final two years in a row since both the Red Wings and Penguins did in 2008 and 2009.

Custance says that Glen Sather gets points for bringing in Lee Stempniak and Matthew Lombardi at good value. (ESPN Insider)

He says that as long as the Rangers have Henrik Lundqvist and Ryan McDonagh they will be able to contend for a playoff spot but there are “legitimate concerns” that the center position and their loss of depth could hurt them. (ESPN Insider)