Jesper Fast wearing a regular jersey this morning

Jesper Fast12:33PM: Alain Vigneault said today on Fast, “I think probably 1-2 practices away, depends on if you consider a morning skate a practice, he is real close to getting the clearance from the medical staff.” (NYR)

10:28AM: Fast is skating with the defensemen today. (Gross)

10:26AM: Jesper Fast is skating this morning in a regular jersey and not the non-contact jersey he had been skating with. (Gross)

Fast sprained his knee on 2/7 and was given a timeline of being out 2-3 weeks.

He has been skating in a non-contact jersey for the last few days.

The Rangers are looked at by some as the team to beat in the East

RangersBob McKenzie was on TSN1040 last Thursday and said that the Rangers are very highly regarded around the NHL.

Bob said, “a lot of people that I talk to, coaches, pro scouts, mangers, there are a lot of people that believe the Rangers, in spite of Montreal being as good as they have been, Tampa has been good, Detroit has been good, Pitt is rejuvenated, the Isles have been great, there are a lot of people who believe that the team to beat, still, in the playoffs in the East is none other than the New York Rangers.”

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Recap: The latest episode of the AV Squad

Alain VigneaultThe latest episode of the AV Squad premiered on 2/19:

  • On 5oo wins, “Thanks, I appreciate it…what do you want? At the end of the day I have been very fortunate and the only way you can get to 500 wins in such a competitive league is to have good players and I have had good players in the three organizations that I have worked with and always had great staffs working with me….”

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