Emerson Etem was in need of a change of scenery

Emerson EtemDucks GM Bob Murray said that Emerson Etem was “coming along” and while he had played some “really good games,” he had “stalled” in others. (Ducks)

Murray said that a change of scenery will be good for Etem and that while he “came a long way under us, I think a change will be really good for him right now.” (Ducks)

Murray said that Emerson felt pressure at times and can now get away from it “relax and play hockey.” (Ducks)

Etem was born in Long Beach, California, a 29 minute drive to Anaheim.


Carl Hagelin said that he didn’t think the Rangers spoke much about an extension

Carl HagelinCarl Hagelin said that he didn’t think the Rangers had spoken much with his agent about a contract extension. (Ducks)

He added, “maybe the Rangers saw others guys who signed, and what they signed for, and maybe they weren’t able to keep me” and that he hopes a deal with the Ducks can come about quickly. (Ducks)

Jeff Gorton was asked how much the cap had to do with Hagelin being traded and said, “definitely part of it. We would like to keep them all but we have to make evaluations on where we were with Etem, where we were on our contract talks with Carl, where they were going and we had to make that decision and the best scenario for us. We have some other players who are looking for raises, some pretty important players. We looked at everything. It’s a tough day because Carl has been a great Ranger and is a terrific guy and he fit well. He had a lot to do with our success in the last few years.”


Oilers management break down the trade for Cam Talbot

Cam TalbotPeter Chiarelli said that he was always in communication with Glen Sather and “Slats was good to deal with. He was a little difficult but he was good and he was good to us.” (Oilers)

Chiarelli said that the Rangers price for Talbot went down as time went on and after Robin Lehner and some of the other goalies were moved. (Oilers)

Oilers assistant GM Bill Scott said that the Oilers patience paid off and that they think they paid “fair value” for Talbot. He said that they didn’t want to overpay because Talbot is a UFA after the season. He said that they will investigate extending Talbot when they are allowed on January 1. (Oilers)

Talbot was traded for three draft picks and the Panthers reportedly thought they were going to get him.


The Carl Hagelin trade developed quickly

Carl HagelinDucks GM Bob Murray said that the trade for Carl Hagelin kind of “popped up” on Friday when he asked Glen Sather “what he was doing.” (Ducks)

The Ducks and Rangers had tables next to each other at the draft and while Murray and Sather were talking Sather mentioned Hagelin’s name and Murray’s “ears perked up a little bit.”

He said that parts of the deal were worked on during the first round on Friday and “we managed to get it done” on Saturday.

Murray said that Hagelin’s speed and tenacity is what the Ducks needed. He added that because Hagelin has arbitration rights, he will be signed one way or the other.”