Read: Marty St. Louis on returning to Tampa and the chance to get 1,000 points there

Marty St. LouisMarty St. Louis returns to Tampa Bay tonight for the first time since being traded last March.

He said that he is prepared to be booed by the fans but that the people who really got to know him in Tampa knew why he wanted to move on. He said that he understands how people feel but “it was just time.” (NY Post)

St. Louis said that he is expecting the worst but understands the pain that he may have caused some of the fans. (

Steven Stamkos said that he isn’t sure what kind of reaction Marty will get. Stamkos said that he thinks it will be mixed. He added that St. Louis was not happy with losing to Tampa last week. (Sportsnet)

St. Louis said after Sunday’s win that he has nothing but great memories of being in Tampa but he thinks it will be emotional for him. (MSG)

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Read: The chance the Rangers let Anthony Duclair play for Canada at the World Juniors

Anthony Duclair11/25/14 | 8:19PM: The Rangers are expected to go day by day with Duclair before they decide if they will let him go to the World Juniors. (TSN)

11/24/14 | 1:43PM: Anthony Duclair is one of four NHL players who Canada would like to have at the World Juniors in December/January.

Bob McKenzie said that a week ago the odds seemed better that the Rangers would let him go but he has played well since re-joining the Rangers lineup. McKenzie said that Duclair’s status for the World Juniors will likely revolve around how he is playing at the last possible moment before the Rangers can let him go. (TSN)

The Rangers will have until December 19th to release Duclair to play for Canada.

Damien Cox writes that Hockey Canada may not get any of the eligible players who are currently playing in the NHL. (Sportsnet)

The tournament starts on December 26th and concludes on January 5th.

If the Rangers were to release Duclair and Canada were to play until the Final day, Duclair would miss games against the Hurricanes (2), Caps, Devils, Stars, Panthers and Sabres.

He would likely re-join the Rangers when they go out west starting on 1/7 against the Ducks and play the Kings 1/8 and Sharks 1/10.

Read: Rick Nash is on a pace to break the Rangers record for goals in season

Rick NashRick Nash currently has 14 goals and 7 assists in 20 games and is on pace for a 57 goal, 28 assist season.

Nash’s set his career high in goals as a 19-year-old with 41 and has only come close to breaking that record one time since – his 2008-09 season with 40.

He currently is at a pace of .70 goals per game, significantly higher than his current career high goals per game of .57 from 2005-06.

His career average goals per game is .44.

On being a 50 goal pace, Nash said last week “I always find my game streaky, I’m either scoring or I am not. It would obviously be awesome to be able to do that. It’s more fun if you aren’t scoring and the team is winning. At my age, I am more worried about winning than individual statistics. (NYR)

On Nash, Joe Micheletti said recently “he has been the best player. It’s hard to find games where Nash hasn’t stood out. He does so many things and it’s a consistent effort game after game.”

Read: Why the Rangers organization is bringing Henrik Tallinder in on a PTO

Henrik Tallinder has officially signed a PTO agreement to play in Hartford.

Alain Vigneault said that the organization is looking for an experienced defenseman to add since they have some young/developing defensemen in Hartford. Vigneault added that you can never have enough defensemen and that after looking at Tomas Kaberle they will now look at Tallinder. (Ranger Rants)

Tallinder, 35, was with Toronto in training camp on a tryout and hurt his shoulder but he is now healthy.

He has played 678 games in the NHL and was with Buffalo last season, playing 64 games and averaging 18 minutes. His career average ice time per game is 20:09.

Tallinder started his career in Buffalo with Scott Arniel as an assistant coach. He was also a two-time Olympic teammate of Henrik Lundqvist in 2010 and 2014 and with Carl Hagelin in 2014.

Recap: Marty St. Louis’ comments today

Marty St. Louis 1Marty St. Louis met with the media today in Tampa to talk about his return tomorrow (TBL):

  • On being back, “walking into the rink you see the familiar faces and people who took really good care of me. You say hello, you go past the dressing room and not make a left. You move on. I think it will be special tomorrow to play here. It was 13-14 great years. I look back at it, I grew up here pretty much, as a pro, to come back here and play it will be special. I know sometimes people aren’t happy with the decisions that you make but I know that I can look in the mirror and know that I gave my heart and soul to this franchise for 14 years. I am really happy with where I am now, the family is settled in. It has been a great transition for everybody.”

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Practice: Ryan McDonagh on the ice with the team (Updates)

Ryan McDonagh4:50PM: McDonagh will play in the next seven days according to Alain Vigneault. (NYR)

Vigneault said that McDonagh was probably the best Ranger on the ice at practice today. (NYR)

McDonagh said that he felt “encouraged” and had good mobility and strength on the ice. (NYR) He added that his legs feel good but he needs to get his timing and puck handling back. (Ranger Rants)

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