Animated: Artem Anisimov Thinks That Derek Stepan Is Awesome

After his three point performance on Sunday night, Derek Stepan was a hot topic on the MSG post game show.

Brian Leetch remarked how Stepan has become very good at buying time and space on the ice and Joe Micheletti talked about how smart a player Stepan is.

Dave Maloney said that Stepan’s coast to coast goal reminded him of Pavel Datsyuk and “when you can handle the puck and are confident with the puck, I don’t care how tired you are, you are gonna be a good player. Every time he had the puck a good play was made, I thought he was tremendous”

Artem Anisimov told the Daily News following the game on Sunday that he thinks that Stepan is “awesome” and that he was very happy for him.

Right now he is awesome and on pace for the 60. To me the points are nice, but the best part of Stepan’s game, or Artem Anisimov’s, or anyone really, is that they are all bringing it consistently from shift to shift. Stepan is creating and involved in a ton of offense in each game, not just isolated shifts like he was as a rookie. He has really grown from his first to second season.