Animated: Artem Anisimov Thinks That Derek Stepan Is Awesome

After his three point performance on Sunday night, Derek Stepan was a hot topic on the MSG post game show.

Brian Leetch remarked how Stepan has become very good at buying time and space on the ice and Joe Micheletti talked about how smart a player Stepan is.

Dave Maloney said that Stepan’s coast to coast goal reminded him of Pavel Datsyuk and “when you can handle the puck and are confident with the puck, I don’t care how tired you are, you are gonna be a good player. Every time he had the puck a good play was made, I thought he was tremendous”

Artem Anisimov told the Daily News following the game on Sunday that he thinks that Stepan is “awesome” and that he was very happy for him.

Right now he is awesome and on pace for the 60. To me the points are nice, but the best part of Stepan’s game, or Artem Anisimov’s, or anyone really, is that they are all bringing it consistently from shift to shift. Stepan is creating and involved in a ton of offense in each game, not just isolated shifts like he was as a rookie. He has really grown from his first to second season.

David Lopez
David Lopez

What's wrong with drafting Aaron Donald with the 12th pick and possibly targeting Deonn Buchanon in the second round if Reese wants to address Safety?

Tyler Maximilian
Tyler Maximilian

@David Lopez

He's working off of the assumption that Donald will already be off the board.

Evans, Donald, Lewan and Matthews will likely be gone, too."

Jeff Comerford
Jeff Comerford

Don't see the Giants taking a Safety this high.  There are other positions of need, and if all of their preferences are gone - i see them more likely to trade down.

I read the following report on HA Ha - "When I sat down and watched him, I was a little disappointed.  I didn't think he was as good an athlete as I though he was going to be.  Some other scouts were trying to compare him to Mark Barron and LaRon Landry and all the guys that went high.  This guy is not the same.  I don't see the cover skills that everyone seems to be raving about.  I thought he was lacking some of that".



Great POST !!!

...... Ha-Ha ain't going to Happen....


You are way off regarding San Francisco.  First, they already publicly stated Aldon Smith was coming back.  His "bomb" charge was reduced to a misdemeanor and he is likely not getting suspended.  Second, they could give up their entire draft and it wouldn't get them the number 1 pick.  Their first rounder is 30th, they have a couple of later second round picks.  How will that exactly get Houston to give up the number 1?  Look at what Washington got for RG3.  You have to give up a top 5 or so pick to move up to number 1 or Houston could totally miss on the draft, which they won't do. 

Billy Suede
Billy Suede

@Skookaloop  they have eleven picks. they don't need all of them. do you think before you post? 

John Fennelly
John Fennelly

@hashburry  This was written a few days ago, so the Aldon Smith situation has changed, but just a bit. He will not be charged with a felony for the bomb thing, but he could still be suspended for a block of games for the DUI and gun charges in which he's in court for this week.

SF will unlikely be able to pry the top pick from Houston, but they will need to put together a package where the highest pick is not #30 overall. They have enough selections to make something like that happen.


@John Fennelly @hashburry yes sf has 11 picks in this draft so to not package whatever it takes to get a difference maker considering how close they are too winning it all would be foolish and irresponsible imo.


@cole3244 @John Fennelly @hashburry  


In such a DEEP DRAFT,

SF would be taking a HUGE RISK,

putting MOST of their EGG's in 1 Basket....


@Billy Suede @Skookaloop  


2.-56th & 61st

3.-77th & 94th & 100th(comp.)




7.-242nd & 243rd & 245th

11 picks, Subtract the (3) 7th Round Picks....

Down to 8 Picks.

Subtract,  Comp. Pick 100,( Non-Tradable )

Down to 7 Picks.

30th= 620pts







TOTAL PTS= 1,647

So they Could Trade ALL 7 Picks FOR:

ALT's 1st Round 6th Pick......or

They could Trade their first 3 Picks,

( 30th+56th+61st)=1,252pts

For the Titans 1st Round #11 Pick...

So, even with TRADING ALL 10 Picks,

they Could Never Break the TOP 5....