The Rangers are getting what they need from JT Miller right now

MillerJT Miller has three goals and four assists in his last 8 games and scored his third game winning goal of the season on Thursday night.

Miller said on MSG that his focus is on being a consistent player and trying to be “trustworthy” on defense. He added that offense is starting to come more naturally to him.

Miller aid that it’s “satisfying” to score goals but he is much happier that the team is winning and beating teams desperate for points. (Daily News)

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Dustin Byfuglien has a PHONE hearing with the NHL tomorrow (Updates)

JT MILLER4/2/15 | 9:44AM: Darren Dreger thinks that Byfuglien will get 2-4 games. He adds that it’s “remarkable” that Miller wasn’t injured and that may factor into a lighter suspension. (TSN 1050)

Dreger said that Hockey Ops watches the play in real time and tells people not to watch in slow motion. (TSN 1050)

7:29AM: Pierre McGuire said that he thinks Byfuglien will get three games. He called the incident “reprehensible” and said that Byfuglien could have broken Miller’s neck. (TSN1050)

4/1/15 | 8:02PM: Darren Dreger said on the NHL Network that the incident was “ugly” and looked like a major penalty to him. He said that he thinks Byfuglien will get 3-4-5 games. (KK)

7:15PM: Bob McKenzie said on NHL Live that Byfuglien has two things going in his favor, that there was no injury and that he has no history with player safety.

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What Dustin Byfuglien did to JT Miller (Updates)

JT Miller3/31/ 15 |11:22PM: Valiquette added that he thinks it should be an in-person hearing of at least five games and said “what is the intent of the player here? It is to injure, out-right decapitate, put him out of the lineup permanently. This is not someone that anyone endorses.”

Valiquette added that it reminded him of Chris Simon and Ryan Hollweg and that you could see that night that Simon had the intent to injure.

11:17PM: Alain Vigneault said on MSG, “violent, deliberate, could have broken his neck. I don’t know what will happen but it’s one of the most vicious cross checks I have seen this year.”

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This past weekend for JT Miller

JT MillerOn Saturday against Buffalo, JT Miller played 10 minutes, had 1 shot on goal, 3 shots that missed the net, 1 hit and a hooking penalty.

Miller played 3:42 in the first period, 5:17 in the second period and only 1:01 in the third period with his last shift ending with 12:44 to go in the game.

On Sunday against Florida, Miller played 11:02 with 4 shots on goal, 1 shot blocked, 1 that missed the net, 2 hits and going 2 and 2 on faceoffs.

Miller played 5:10 in the first, 3:47 in the second and 4:23 in the third period with his last shift ending with 3:25 to go in the game.

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The little line change that was made between Chris Kreider and JT Miller last night

Kreider6:11PM: Kreider will start with Stepan and St. Louis and Miller will start with Hayes and Hagelin. (Gross)

4:49PM: Last night against the Islanders, Chris Kreider played 13:51 and JT Miller played 12:48.

  • Miller played 4:03 in the first, 3:45 in the second and 5 minutes in the third.
  • Kreider played 5:44 in the first, 4:34 in the second and 3:33 in the third.

Kreider started the third period with Marty St. Louis and Derek Stepan before being put on the fourth line with Dominic Moore and Tanner Glass. He played one more shift with St. Louis and Stepan, around the mid-point of the period, but spent most of it on the fourth line.

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