Updating: Derek Stepan, Ryan McDonagh and Ryan Callahan on The Today Show

2014-02-05 08.35.05

Ryan Callahan on Team USA’s chances, “I like it. We have a lot of guys coming back from the silver medal team. We were disappointed then but we have a good chance and are excited to go to Sochi and try to win gold.”

Derek Stepan on his first time going to the Olympics, “It’s a tremendous honor and super exciting and I find myself extremely lucky to represent my country and it’s pretty cool to do it with a couple of teammates.”

Ryan McDonagh, or Ryan M as Tamron Hall called him, on being teammates, “I think it helps. With the circumstances of going so far from home and being able to relax with people you have been around for a while and these two are forwards and if they play together it will helps.”

Tamron Hall says, “I love the understated answers from hockey players.”

Savannah Guthrie asks how much practice time they will have: Cally says, we have three days of practices and then we are kind of thrown onto the ice.”

It starts on February 12.

Savannah Guthrie, “good luck to you guys and we will see you in Sochi.”

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