Read: Looking at Team USA In 2014

At USA Today, Kevin Allen writes that Ryan Callahan and Ryan McDonagh are “locks” to make Team USA in 2014.

Allen says that Callahan’s ability to score and play a physical game will be needed and that McDonagh is part of a group with Ryan Suter and Jack Johnson who will form the core of Team USA’s defense.

He adds that Derek Stepan is one of four centers who will battle to center the top line for Team USA, along with Ryan Kesler, Paul Stastny and David Backes.

At the United States of Hockey, Chris Peters writes that McDonagh could be an even better player on the bigger ice, that Stepan may get shifted to wing and that Callahan would have to play himself out of a spot to not make the team.

Peters adds that McDonagh’s elite skating and closing speed will be very important for Team USA on the big ice.

David Poile, the GM of Team USA, said on a media conference call Ryan probably wasn’t known as well in 2010 and he might be the type of guy who fit the mold of what we were looking for in Vancouver. He has gotten better and better and now he is the captain of the Rangers and I am sure a big part of our team in Sochi.”