Read: John Tortorella and Being The Head Coach For Team USA

Olympic Mens Hockey CampRecently, at at, Barry Melrose was talking about the potential head coaches for Team USA at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Melrose said that his top pick would be Rangers coach John Tortorella.

He said, “I think John Tortorella is a natural choice to lead Team USA at the Sochi Olympics. He has won a Stanley Cup, has the Rangers playing a great style of hockey. He is a very solid coach. Meticulous with his planning. That team will be ready to play.”

Melrose added, “he has coached a lot of the players that will be on Team USA in his many years int he NHL. What makes him special is his planning. He will have a short time to get the United States team ready, as all the coaches that go to the Olympics will have, there will be very few practices. I think John will have that team ready. He will know what to do against the other countries that he plays again.”

Tortorella was an assistant on the 2010 team that won a Silver Medal in Vancouver.

Tortorella has been mentioned before as a candidate to coach Team USA.