Read: Jamie McLennan and Rick Nash on Henrik Lundqvist’s game

Henrik LundqvistOn TSN Drive last night, Jamie McLennan discussed Henrik Lundqvist and where his game is at in advance of the Gold Medal game against Canada tomorrow.

He said, “In today’s modern day it’s Henrik Lundqvist who is the number one guy. Lundqvist still has to get the nod in net head to head based on experience. Lundqvist is so good playing at Olympic ice because he plays a deep game. He is at home on a lot of side to side plays but where that translates and where maybe Team Canada can get to him, just like in the NHL is there is no margin for error so if one sneaks through the body it will go in”

McKennan adds, “he has played a game like Finland where he made a great backdoor save on Selanne today where he plays that deep style, that east/west. If Canada plays that North/South and gets in his grill and creates a lot of traffic they can get to him. He does get frustrated. He is the type of guy that I have noticed can get a little more frustrated as guys get bodies in front. I think that is where Canada will try to push him.”

Rick Nash spoke with Jonas Siegel who said that Lundqvist is a tough goalie to beat. (TSN)

Nash said that Lundqvist is a tough goalie to figure out because of his deep style in the net and even though Nash sees him every day he still struggles to figure Lundqvist out. (TSN)

Patrick Sharp said, “He makes saves that you think you have an open net and he finds a way to smother that puck. He’s definitely a guy that’s going to be key for them.” (TSN)

Puck Luck
Puck Luck

I hope Hank shuts out team Canada and they win 4-0. A convincing win showing who's the best in the world. Cary Price isn't 1/3 the goalie Henrik Lundqvist is. No comparison. If it's a low scoring game like I think it'll be, team Sweden will win. I don't know if Sweden has a chance at winning a 6-4 or a game like that.