FINAL: Canada beats Sweden and wins gold medal

Canada defeated Sweden to win their second straight Gold Medal at the Olympic Winter Games.

  • Jonathon Toews, Sidney Crosby and Chris Kunitz scored for Canada

Rick Nash played 9:46 with two shots. He played 3:11 in the first, 3:56 in the second and 2:39 in the third.

Sweden picked up the Silver Medal.

Henrik Lundqvist stopped 33 of 36 shots. It’s his second career medal after winning Gold in 2006.

Carl Hagelin played 16:04 with 3 shots. He played 5:39 in the first, 4:39 in the second and 5:46 in the third.

Michael Strange
Michael Strange

Must be nice for Team Obstruction..oops I mean have their own corrupt Refs for both of their Medal Round games?!?!