Buzz: No Decison On The 2014 Olympics This Week

This week in NY, Gary Bettman, Don Fehr and IIHF president/IOC member Rene Fasel are meeting in NY to discuss bringing NHL players to the Olympics in 2014.

A decision on whether the NHL will send their players to Sochi is not expected this week.

Chris Johnston writes at Sportsnet that it isn’t exactly a slam dunk that the NHL will participate in the 2014 games and there are issues between Bettman and Fasel.

Fasel recently said that Bettman has no choice but to send the players to Sochi but Johnston writes that everyone needs to work together, “The NHL, NHLPA, IIHF and IOC must instead embrace their potential as a (dysfunctional) collective and search out solutions and compromises to their issues. That was the goal, anyway, for the key players in New York and despite the differences in opinion there was a whole bunch of reasons why it made sense for the parties to try and do so.”

According to Johsnton, the two sides met again on Friday morning and Gary Bettman told him that both sides still have a lot of internal work to do before an agreement can be signed.

Fasel told Johnston that he hopes to have a deal in place by May while Bettman says he wants a deal to be done sooner.