Read: Glen Sather On Henrik Lundqvist and His New Contract

6:10PM: Bob McKenzie said on TSN Drive, “If you look at the Rangers in any degree of success, he is the reason that they are that. I am sure it’s more years and a little more money than they wanted to give him, but I think they were starting to recognize that they were getting into shaky territory. Lundqvist isn’t playing terrible but it’s a bad goal every other game. There is a theory that the contract was starting to weigh on his mind and there is no margin for error with the Rangers because they don’t score a lot of goals. It’s a real impotent offense. I think the Rangers thought that the worst case scenario is that he plays poorly, walks himself to UFA and someone will sign him for a lot of money and we will be left with a hole that we can’t fill. For a team that needs it’s goalie to be out of this world most nights, hopefully he will get it back. “

12:30PM: Marty Biron tweets “On a serious note, goalie is the hardest position to play when contract talks are ongoing. Hank’s been good, but watch him turn it on now.”Lundqvist

11:31AM: The Rangers have officially announced the contract extension for goalie Henrik Lundqvist.

In the press release, Rangers President and GM Glen Sather said the following about Lundqvist:

“Since his arrival in New York in 2005, Henrik has consistently been one of the elite goaltenders in the NHL. He is a proud representative of the tradition and class of this organization and we are excited to have him remain as a cornerstone of the franchise.”

Sather said back in the spring that the Rangers intended to sign Lundqvist to a long-term deal.

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Poll: Are You Happy With Henrik Lundqvist Contract Extension?

12:55PM: Katie Strang tweets that the deal includes a full No-Move clause for Lundqvist

12:17PM: Nick Kypreos said on Hockey Central at Noon, “They were fighting tooth and nail. They didn’t want to go 7 or 8. The feeling was that the vultures were out there and that the Flyers would have gone $9+ for Lundqvist and the Rangers knew it. I think the Rangers feel today that they got a bargain.”

Kypreos added, “What he needed was $10 or $11 million a year for four years. What they didn’t need was to go seven years. If he goes south in 3 or 4 years….”

10:30AM:The Rangers are set to announce that they have come to terms with Henrik Lundqvist on a seven-year deal worth $8.5 million per season.

As Pierre LeBrun tweets, “I know the Rangers might get criticized for the term/money but what else are they going to do? Let Lundqvist walk July 1? Then what?”

Chris Botta tweets “In the real world of his value to MSG on and off the ice, Lundqvist is a bargain. Soaring salary cap also makes this not a problem.”

Adam Rotter: To me, the Rangers had no choice but to agree to what Henrik Lundqvist wanted. It’s only about $1.625 million more per season than his cap hit already is which isn’t that much more for the Rangers. With the salary cap rising, the increase in Lundqvist’s cap hit doesn’t mean that much. It just looks like a big number, but when you see that his cap charge is already $6.875, it’s not that big of a deal. The Rangers, understandably, wanted a shorter contract, but Lundqvist was getting seven-years from someone in a new contract and it’s better for everyone that he gets that from the Rangers.

Henrik Lundqvist

News: Henrik Lundqvist About To Sign Contract Extension (7 Years/$8.5 Million Per)


7:59PM: Renaud Lavoie tweets that the per-year salary for Lundqvist is:

  • 14-15: $11 million
  • 15-16: $10 million
  • 16-17: $9.5 million
  • 17-18: $9 million
  • 18-19: $7.5 million
  • 19-20: $7 million
  • 20-21: $5.5 million

6:06PM: Bob McKenzie tweets that Lundqvist will earn $11 million in the first year and $5.5 million in the final year.

12:55PM: Katie Strang tweets that the deal includes a full No-Move clause for Lundqvist.

10:58PM: Larry Brooks writes in the NY Post that the Rangers had been sticking to a six-year limit, prior to moving to seven, and that talks to finalize the deal started to heat up in the past few days.

10:05AM: Larry Brooks tweets that the Rangers conceded on the length of the term.

10:02AM: Darren Dreger tweets that the deal is for SEVEN YEARS and worth a total of $59.5 million.

10:01AM: Elliotte Friedman tweets that the cap hit will be $8.5 million.

10AM: The Rangers announce that a “Major Announcement” is coming today after Rangers practice.

9:56AM: The Rangers are on the verge of announcing a long-term contract extension with goalie Henrik Lundqvist, according to TSN’s Darren Dreger.

Dreger says that the early reports on the contract numbers are SEVEN years and and a cap hit of over $8 million per season.

The new contract will start next season.

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Adam Rotter: This is good news for the Rangers and eliminates what could have been a bothersome distraction from lingering through the season. He is the Rangers best and most important player and he has proven that he can carry this team. This was a necessary move for the Rangers to ensure that they will keep one of the top goalies in the world as part of their organization and year in and year out give them a foundation for them to build around.

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Henrik Lundqvist

Buzz: Still Nothing Doing With Henrik Lundqvist’s Contract (Update)

(12/2/13) 4:12PM: Katie Strang writes at ESPN NY that the Rangers may be gaining some leverage in their talks with Lundqvist because of how Cam Talbot has played.

3:05PM: Larry Brooks writes in the NY Post today that the “gulf” between the Rangers and Lundqvist that was there in September hasn’t changed in regards to a new contract.

(12/1/13) 8:24PM: In the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that the negotiations between the Rangers and Henrik Lundqvist on a new contract are not believed to have progressed much since Lundqvist stopped talking about it publicly at the start of the season.

Brooks said that he brought up the topic with Lundqvist a few weeks ago and was “firmly” shot down by the Rangers goalie.

He adds that he can’t think of a similar situation in the NHL and that normally “marquee” players get new contracts done quickly.

Brooks says, “This one seems odd. It has from the start that didn’t start nearly as early as it should have.”

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Buzz: No Progress On UFA Contract Talks

Rangers-Chrome-Stadium-Series-According to Larry Brooks in the NY Post, the Rangers have not made any progress in any of the contract situations for Henrik Lundqvist, Ryan Callahan or Dan Girardi.

Brooks says that there is “no progress to speak of” for Lundqvist and “ditto and ditto” for Callahan and Girardi.

He adds that the Rangers can’t forget about Anton Stralman who will be a UFA at the end of the season and will likely command $3 million a year as a UFA.

Read: Henrik Lundqvist on Bouncing Back and Competing Against Himself

HENRIK LundqvistAfter replacing Marty Biron in the third period on Saturday, Henrik Lundqvist stopped 16 of 17 shots and looked sharp in the Rangers loss to the Blues.

Lundqvist told the Daily News that he isn’t used to entering the game in the middle but he felt that the Rangers had a chance to win against the Blues and was happy with how the team kept fighting back.

He said on MSG that coming into a game is all about getting comfortable in the first few minutes and that the goal he allowed was a bad bounce that

Alain Vigneault said yesterday that “Henrik played like Henrik” in the third period against the Blues.

Lundqvist said yesterday, via Rangers Report, that he felt on Sunday that he just went out and played without thinking too much. He said that sometimes there is too much analysis and not enough focus on what he is actually supposed to do, stop the puck. He said that sometimes the puck is really big and easy to save and sometimes it’s smaller and it takes a lot more work to stop it.

In the Ottawa Sun, Bruce Garrioch writes that some people in the NHL wonder if Lundqvist’s contract situation is weighing on him and impacting his performance.

Lundqvist told Expressen recently that his biggest motivation is to compete against himself and to push himself to get better each night.

Read: The Ridiculousness Of Dragging Out Henrik Lundqvist’s Contract Talks

THRASHERS RANGERSIn the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that the Rangers, a team that has won one Stanley Cup since 1940, are crazy for not having a new contract for Henrik Lundqvist done by now.

He writes that Lundqvist hasn’t been himself to start the season and it’s not unfair to wonder if the lingering contract talks, which he doesn’t want to be part of so he can focus on hockey, is having an impact.

There is a reported difference in the length of the contract and Brooks says that the Rangers are essentially worrying about how good Lundqvist will be seven or eight years from now instead of locking him up for the present and worrying about the end of the contract when it gets here.

Brooks’ response to how the Rangers are handling these talks, “are you kidding me?”


Buzz: Henrik Lundqvist Isn’t Interested In Speculating On His Contract (Updates)

AP S CAN Rangers Maple Leafs Hockey


2:33PM: Lundqvist told the NHL‘s Kathrynn Tappen “I love it in NY. There is no question that it has been great so far. The main thing for me is that I can focus on hockey. It’s a big year for me and the team and we both want to take a big step this year.”

He added, “when you live in NY you find time to do different things and meet different people. You step away for a little while, recharge and come back with more energy. It is definitely something that I appreciate, playing there and living there, there is more than just hockey but that will always be my number one priority. What makes me happy and sad is that is the game of hockey, that is who I am but I have a chance while living in New York to do different things.”


9:33AM: In an interview with Expressen, via, Henrik Lundqvist once again said that he has removed himself from contract extension talks so that he can focus all of his attention on the season.

When asked by the reporter if not having a deal done meant that he would play out the season and negotiations wouldn’t pick up again until the offseason, Lundqvist said that he had “no idea” and didn’t want to speculate on future contract talks.

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Buzz: Henrik Lundqvist On His Contract Talks (Updates)

HENRIK Lundqvist

7:28PM: At, Pierre LeBrun writes that the Rangers understand that when the contract is signed, Lundqvist will not only be the highest paid goalie but the highest paid Ranger.

He thinks that the issue will be term and how the Rangers may be uncomfortable going to eight-years for Lundqvist. LeBrun says that six or seven years may work better for the Rangers.

LeBrun suggests that Lundqvist will make north of $8 million a year in his new deal.

2:59PM: In the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that the Rangers and Lundqvist’s agents at Newport Sports have been in steady contact all summer and that the two sides are still believed to be apart on money and years.

He says that the gap likely won’t be bridged in the foreseeable future and that this could become a bigger distraction if Lundqvist remains unsigned later in the year.

1:41PM: Following practice today, Henrik Lundqvist told SNY’s Nick Licalzi that there really isn’t an update on contract talks and that his entire focus is now shifting towards the season:

“I know the Rangers and my agent have been trying to get a deal done and unfortunately we don’t have a deal done. For me, now it’s time for me to focus on the game. I want all my focus to be on the game and on winning. That is where all my focus is now. So if they continue to talk, the Rangers and may agent, so be it, but for me, I’m not getting involved and I won’t talk to my agent right now because all I care about is helping this team win.”

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