Stats/Thoughts: Wolf Pack Win On Sunday (JT Miller and Chris Kreider With Strong Games)

Chris KreiderThe Wolf Pack defeated the Albany Devils 4-3 on Sunday:

  • Conor Allen: Plus one
  • Dylan McIlrath: Goal, 2 shots, plus one
  • JT Miller: 2 goals, 1 assist, 6 shots, plus one, tripping penalty
  • Marek Hrivik: 1 shot
  • Oscar Lindberg: two shots
  • Chris Kreider: goal, two shots
  • Danny Kristo: two assists, plus two, one shot

William Cullen was at the game and sent in these thoughts:

Saturday Report

Chris Kreider: “Like Saturday, I thought he was the best player on the ice. He scored and beat the goalie on another but hit the inside of the post. He used his size and speed to create a lot of chances. His line, with Oscar Lindberg and Danny Kristo, was very impressive all game long. He may have even gotten part of McIlrath’s goal.”

JT Miller: “He was flying around, always in the middle of the action and always around the puck. He made some mistakes forcing the puck in the defensive zone and took a lazy penalty, but overall he had a great game.”

Danny Kristo:  “only had one shot but had two great assists. He was active and noticeable in all areas of the game. He seems like a good PP player, makes smart players with the puck and didn’t seem to take any plays off.”

Oscar Lindberg: “He still seems to look lost at times and is passing up some good shots. It seems like he needs more time to adjust to the smaller rink and, at least to me, he hasn’t been that impressive. That being said, he was better on Sunday than he was on Saturday.”

Marek Hrivik: “Not much to say. He had one shot and was moved from the first line to the fourth line.”

Dylan McIlrath: “he scored on a rocket from the point and crushed Matteau with a hit. Others have mentioned it and I noticed it on Sunday, but McIlrath leaves his feet quite a bit and it almost cost him. He is getting better.”

Conor Allen: “Not much to say, he is solid and consistent”

Other Notes:

  • Brandon Mashinter: “looked good…works hard and does the dirty work.”
  • Ryan Bourque: “A real energy player…had a sweet assist and was flying all over the ice and making plays.”


  • Kreider, Lindberg, Kristo
  • Mashinter, Miller, Andrew Yogan
  • Michael Haley, Darroll Powe, Michael Kantor
  • Marek Hrivik, Kyle Jean, Ryan Bourque

Aaron Johnson and Dylan McIlrath

Conor Allen and Stu Bickel

Danny Syvret and Tommy Hughes