Jeff Gorton explains where he will be different from Glen Sather

Jeff GortonCraig Custance asked Jeff Gorton where he thinks he will be different as a General Manager than Glen Sather. (ESPN Insider)

He said that Sather is someone who “likes to make decisions fairly quickly” and not let things “simmer.” (ESPN Insider)

Gorton adds that as GM he will “probably go a little bit slower” with some decisions and that is likely to be the “biggest difference” between the two.  (ESPN Insider)

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Glen Sather is in Traverse City and Jeff Gorton is glad to have him there

Glen SatherGlen Sather is part of the Rangers brain trust in Traverse City watching the team’s prospects play. (ESPN Insider)

Sather is there with Rangers GM Jeff Gorton, Director of Player Personnel Gordie Clark and SVP Jim Schoenfeld. (ESPN Insider)

Craig Custance says that Sather and Gorton were still “side-by-side” sharing hockey observations with each other.” (ESPN Insider)

Gorton told Custance that Sather loves it in Traverse City and that he is glad Sather will be around the team. Gorton told Custance, “It’s an opportunity for me to be around him and get his advice when needed. Who doesn’t need that?”(ESPN Insider)

Gorton said before that even with the role change, Sather is still going to be with the Rangers a lot.


Things Kevin Lowe said about Glen Sather while on Edmonton Radio

Kevin Lowe was on Edmonton radio recently and spoke about Glen Sather and the Oilers announcement that they will finally be raising a banner for him:

Lowe said (TSN1260):

  • It’s a no brainer to honor Sather.
  • “He is a humble guy and they would prefer that it not happen while they are working and mind you he will still be working but he is taking a step back in terms of the everyday stuff with the Rangers. The timing with the building as well, very fitting, the last year at Rexall. It will be something for fans to look forward to. Very fitting for someone who played for the Oil Kings, played for the Oilers and very responsible for many of the great hockey moments on those teams.”

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A story of when Glen Sather went to arbitration with Jari Kurri

Don Baizley, a player agent, told a story in Behind The Moves about an arbitration hearing he had with Glen Sather about former Oiler and Ranger Jari Kurri.

Baizley said, “Jari Kurri and I went to salary arbitration with Glen Sather and the Oilers twice and we lost both times. The first time it was a very primitive and informal process. It was Glen and me with the arbitrator in a hotel room and I filed what I would call a lawyers brief and Glen had almost done it on napkins. To our astonishment, not only did we lose the arbitration, but Jari was awarded the exact salary that Glen had proposed.”

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Glen Sather on the arbitration process

Glen Sather7/24/15 | 9:39AM: In the book Behind the Moves, Glen Sather spoke about the arbitration process.

Sather said, “what started in the middle 1980s was that managers started to get bamboozled by agents, and arbitrators got involved in this thing and decided that you can be on the worst team in the league and make the same money as the guy who is on the best team because your stats are basically the same. But there is no correlation between the best team and the worst team, because you play under entirely different conditions.”

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The Oilers will honor Glen Sather when the Rangers go to Edmonton

The Edmonton Oilers will honor their former Coach/GM and current Rangers President Glen Sather when the Rangers visit Edmonton on December 11.

Sather will have a banner raised at Rexall Place in Edmonton and join former Ranger/Oilers Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, Glenn Anderson and Jari Kurri.

Former Ranger and current Oilers Vice Chairmen Kevin Lowe said, “The Oilers organization has been blessed with tremendous leaders, many of them in the Hockey Hall of Fame. Those great teams and players were a part of one of the great dynasties in hockey. But, I can tell you with certainty, none of that success would have happened without Glen Sather. Glen was a mentor, leader, protector and father figure for so many players that wore the Oilers sweater. He showed us what it meant to be champions both on and off the ice.”

The Oilers would not formally honor Sather while he was still a GM in the NHL.


Marty Biron on his experiences around Glen Sather

Glen SatherDuring TSN’s Free Agency show, Marty Biron spoke about his time with the Rangers and his relationship with President Glen Sather.

Marty said, “You would go into his office and it was like something you have never seen before. He would put his feet on his desk and just want to talk. He talked horses, he talked vacation, he talked everything. He always had a guy, ‘I have a guy with a property for sale.'”

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