Read: Updaing The Mark Messier/Wayne Gretzky Rumor

Reports out of Canada from former Ranger Nick Kypreos are suggesting that not only does Mark Messier have interest in the Rangers coaching position, but that Wayne Gretzky does as well.

Kypreos and Doug MacLean talked about the situation a little while ago on Sportsnet.

Kypreos said “I hear both of them are and to me that is the biggest story, that they haven’t shoo shooed this at all. You look at where both guys are in their lives, and to say that they are intrigued by it and didn’t dismiss the idea tells you volumes about the position of head coach of the NY Rangers. Mark Messier, no experience, Wayne Gretzky has four years of experience but to hear that their names are in play and possibly on a short list for Glen Sather says a lot.”

Doug MacLean said, “Two of the best players who ever played the game, that is a ringing endorsement right there. Gretzky with his coaching experience, although he didn’t make the playoffs, the team wasn’t a good team at the time. I think that Wayne has to be a legit candidate. Messier, to me, should be more of an assistant coach, an associate coach because he has two weeks experience with the Spengler Cup.”

MacLean added that he is hearing that Brian Leetch would have interest in becoming an assistant coach if either one of them gets involved.

Adam Rotter: Just like with trades and free agents where the Rangers have interest in players, or vice versa,doesn’t mean that this will happen and that either one will be named coach. Glen Sather needs to talk with anyone that he thinks could be the kind of coach that can lead the Rangers to the Stanley Cup. Sather could talk with Gretzky/Messier and after one conversation decide that this isn’t the fit for him. It is all still early in the process.