Read: The Three Wade Redden Options

8:04PM: Chad Kolarik of the Whale tweeted that he wants Redden to be sent to Hartford and join the Whale.

7:59PM: At TSN, Bob McKenzie says that the Rangers have three options for what to do with Wade Redden since he is a player that is “not remotely part of John Tortorella’s plan.”

The first option would be for the Rangers to use draft picks and prospects to try and get a team with lots of cap space to take Redden.

He says that the Rangers don’t want to do this because they don’t want to lose any assets or pieces for the future.

The second option would be for the Rangers to send Redden to the minors, carry his cap hit and then use an amnesty buy out over the summer.

McKenzie writes though that there is concern over this because if Redden were to be injured during the season and it carries over to the summer the Rangers will not be allowed to buy him out. They will then be stuck with Redden’s cap hit next season when the cap drops to $64.3 million.

The Rangers didn’t place Redden on waivers before the lockout, to send him to Hartford, for fear he would get injured and the team would not be allowed to buy him out.

The third option, and one that McKenzie thinks is the most realistic, is for the Rangers to absorb his cap hit this season but not play him anywhere. They would then be in the clear to buy him out over the summer.

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