Read: New York “Wasn’t A Good Fit” For Wade Redden

In an interview with The Score, Wade Redden was asked about why things with the Rangers didn’t work after signing a six-year contract, that had a cap hit of $6.5 million per season, in July 2008.

Redden said that the pressure of a big contract caused him to feel as if he wasn’t doing enough and needed to contribute more which took him away from the things that made him successful in the NHL.

He added, “It wasn’t a good fit from early on, and they made a decision to make changes. I lived with that. It wasn’t a good fit, things didn’t work out, and I’ve moved on. I’m done there now, and am happy to have moved on.”

On his time with the Whale, Redden said that he approached the games in the AHL the same way by working hard, playing hard and being a good teammate.

Redden’s time with the Rangers officially ended last week when they bought out the remaining two years on his contract via an accelerated compliance buyout.