Read: Money Isn’t An Issue To Wade Redden

At Howlings, Bruce Berlet spoke with Wade Redden as the Whale had their break up day yesterday.

Redden said that he hasn’t talked to his agent yet and that money isn’t an issue to him.

He said nearly the same thing a month ago and two months ago.

While in Hartford, Redden was a mentor to Ryan McDonagh.

I guess it doesn’t matter what Redden does until training camp. He will be on the summer cap come July 1 and the Rangers will go about their business figuring that he won’t be on the NHL roster and that his cap hit will come off as soon as it can. If money doesn’t matter to him, and he wants to play in the NHL, you have to think that he will void his contract and move on.

The only issue is going to be how much cap space the Rangers have to sign all of their RFA’s and then UFA’s and that some guys may need to wait until Redden can be cleared, to sign their contracts. I would think that the Rangers and their RFA’s could come to terms on a deal and just wait to file it with the league until they have the space.