Quote: Wade Redden Isn’t Thinking About His Future Right Now

“I’ve kind of put my options on hold until after the season, but money isn’t an issue,” said Redden, who has played for Canada internationally seven times, winning two gold medals in the World Cups and one in the World Cup of Hockey. “My focus now is to play well here because that’s the only thing under my control. I do feel more comfortable, and every shift this time of year is important. You have to play hard all the time, especially with our playoff lives on the line. You want to go out and play hard and play well.”

Redden to Bruce Berlet at Howlings

If money isn’t an option for Redden, then I feel like he will void his contract and try to find another NHL job. It sounds crazy to think that he will walk away from that much money, but it’s his last chance to try and play in the NHL. He has already made a lot of money in his career, so if he wants to try and play in the NHL again, he can take the chance.