Tweet: What Tim Erixon Brings To The Table


Acquisition of Erixon potential PP quarterback. Fills big hole in organization; takes pressure off MDZ and the organization.Wed Jun 01 20:14:07 via txt


I like the deal. I was a fan of Horak though I wasn’t sure of his long-term potential. I am a fan of depth with draft picks so trading two seconds does sting a little, but it’s for a player that the Rangers liked a lot.


Again, I put my trust in Ranger management because they are the ones making the decisions. They have had a nice track record recently and I believe in what they are doing.

Update: 11:03AM:

via Blueshirts United, Gordie Clark talks about Erixon,

He’s actually got a lot of the same qualities that his dad had when he played. There’s nothing really flashy about him, but he makes the right decisions just about all the time. Defensively and offensively, he can go through games error-free.