Read: Sean Avery Talks About Pushing Peoples Buttons

Sean Avery did an interview with Off The Record of TSN and spoke at length about his agitating ways on the ice.

Avery was asked about the idea of many of his teammates not liking him and said, “what I do is try to push peoples buttons constantly. If I ignored you then I probably had no interest in you whatsoever. That was me, I liked to push guys. I woke up every day and I acted like that was going to be my last day to do that certain job. I had to be on edge in all facets of my life. I am an intense guy. With my teammates a lot of it came down to jealousy. I’m not saying that maybe guys were jealous that I played by my own rules, or that I pushed guys in the wrong direction.”

He went on to say, “there were many times where I had distasteful things to say to teammates, friends, families over my 12 year career. I said some of the worst things that you could possibly imagine being said and every time I did it was because I thought it would give me, or my time an advantage on a daily basis. I was extremely good at it, successful at it.”

When asked if he could have just relied on his talent, Avery responded, “I was what I was, I am what I am. That is how I played. I remember Steve Yzerman telling me just to play, but nothing was going to change in how I woke up and approached the game.”

Avery went on to add that “listening” was never one of his strong qualities.