Buzz: Ryane Clowe’s Reported Contract Demands

Ryane Clowe1According to reports out of Vancouver, via Puck Daddy, when talking with the Vancouver Canucks, Ryane Clowe asked for a new contract that runs eight years and is worth $34 million.

Larry Brooks wrote in the NY Post today that the Rangers and Clowe’s agents have discussed parameters that would keep Clowe a Ranger.

Brooks said that Glen Sather should be careful about entering into an extension with a 31-year old power forward who will likely ask for between $4 and $5 million.

Clowe has said that he wants to stay a Ranger.

According to Robin Short, of the St. John Telegram, where Clowe is from, the Flyers and Clowe had worked out an extension that was eight years and around $30 million, but the players going to San Jose couldn’t be agreed upon.

Renaud Lavoie tweeted three days ago that Clowe is looking for an extension of 7-8 years.