Recap: Ryan Callahan on TSN and Sportsnet

Callahan4:02PM: San Jose and the Rangers were “pretty far down the road” on a trade for Ryan Callahan. (Pierre LeBrun)

The Sharks and Blue Jackets were both considered plan B options for the Rangers if the deal with Tampa Bay couldn’t get done. (Darren Dreger)

2:19PM: Ryan Callahan joined James Duthie on TSN to talk about the trade:

  • How surprised, “It’s still tough. It was an option if I didn’t sign with New York and no matter how prepared you think you are, you hear that you have been traded and its a shock.”
  • On TB, “I’m extremely excited. Going to a great organization, great owner, great GM. I have heard nothing of good things from players who played there. and they are in the playoff hunt so I am looking forward to getting down there.”
  • On being open to a contract in TB, “I think right now you get down there and get settled and once that happens I am open for anything. If it’s contract talks it is otherwise we see what happens in July.”
  • Did you think it would be done, “I did, I truly thought we would work something that works for both sides. I said all along that I wanted to stay here and get a deal done and it was the truth. It’s part of the business and we couldn’t find a deal that works for both sides. I part ways with NY I have nothing but great things to say about the organization. Everyone has been great to me. I have lifelong friends from teammates in the organization. I have nothing but great things to say about the Rangers.”
  • Was there regret, “I wouldn’t call it regret. Just initial shock. A lot going through my head. I have a family here and worried about them and getting situated. After letting it all sink in I am excited to go to Tampa.”
  • On walking into the TB room, “It’s tough. I have never experienced a trade before. I have seen it in NY. I will be myself and that is what has gotten me to this place, acting like I do on and off the ice.”

Callahan also joined Sportsnet:

  • Did you think you would be dealt, “To be honest, I didn’t. I thought we were pretty close in the last couple of days and something would get done. At the end other day we couldn’t find a deal that worked for both sides and this is the business side of the game and it had to come to this I guess.”
  • On Tampa Bay, “I talked to Steve Yzerman briefly. No hints on where I will be playing or my role. I am excited to be a member of Tampa Bay and they are a great organization.”
  • On his contract, “I think I will go down there and get used to my surroundings. Steve said the same thing, come down and get comfortable and if contract talks come up we will approach it then. Right now I will go down and see where I fit in.”
  • On being traded, “it’s definitely different. You always know in the back of your head that you can be traded and then once you realize it and hear it happened it’s the initial shock you need to get over.”
  • Does it hurt not getting a new deal from the Rangers, “I think it does. My heart is here and I said that I and I meant it and this was the organization that gave me an opportunity and gave me a chance and I was captain of the team and I have nothing but great respect for this team and organization. It hurts to know that I won’t be here.”
  • How much did you end up giving to get a deal done, “Right now it doesn’t do any good to get into specifics, both sides made a great effort to get it done but at the end of the day we couldn’t get there.”
  • Were you close, “We were definitely close, close enough to where I thought it would get done. As I said I don’t think numbers mean anything right now. Time to move on and get down to Tampa.”
  • Who told you, “I was off the ice so Slats grabbed me and brought me into a lounge and told me.”
  • On talking with Glen Sather about where he would want to go, “That was never previously discussed. I think both sides were trying to get a deal done. There was never time for that discussion.”
  • On two captains being traded for each other never being happened, I guess I am part of a first then, huh.”
  • On playing tomorrow, “That is the plan, I will get to Tampa tonight and hopefully be in the lineup tomorrow.”


Agents in sport thus whats happened

Rob Franz
Rob Franz

"I thought something could be worked out"

What would he ever do without that extra 300k a year?


How could this be a shock? Your demand was highly unreasonable. Your heart was in your wallet and we now get a players whose heart was in NY before he even got traded. Good luck.