Read: Ryan Callahan Won’t Change Anything He Does

In December of 2010, Ryan Callahan broke his left hand blocking a shot and in April 2011 he fractured his ankle blocking a Zdeno Chara slap shot.

In 2011-12 Callahan had 271 hits and 88 blocked shots.

Following his injury last week against the Flyers, Callahan told the team’s website that nothing about how he plays the game will change,”It happens. It’s a freak thing. You gotta get caught in the exact spot to have this happen. Fighting, or whatever it may be, is part of the game and if it presents itself you have to do it.

On Callahan in general, Derek Stepan told ESPN NY, “it’s going to take six, seven, eight guys to fill the role that Cally does.”

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Callahan took the ice for the first time yesterday since injuring his shoulder and made it known that once he is cleared to play, he won’t change “I’m able to shoot, do some strength stuff. Once you are 100% you are 100%. When that day comes I will be playing the same way that I was before.”

He added that playing tentative could lead to further injuries.