Read: Ryan Callahan Visited His Old High School Last Week

Last week Ryan Callahan visited his old High School in Hilton, NY, a suburb of Rochester.

Callahan spoke with a student-athlete leadership council according to the Brighton Pittsford Post.

Callahan said that he spoke with the students about facing adversity and using that as motivation, “When I was named captain it was recognition for the hard work I put in and I earned that by being myself. One key to being a leader is to be yourself, and if you have a solid work ethic and go about thinks the right way others will feed off your success.”

He also spoke of the highs and lows of a long season and how not to get too high or too low after games.

Time Warner Rochester has more on Callahan’s visit.

Earlier in the lockout Callahan skated with the Nazareth College team.

Below are tweets from some of the students that met Callahan.