Read: Ryan Callahan and Dan Girardi Only Know One Way To Play

Daniel Girardi, Brenden Morrow, Ryan CallahanWhile Ryan Callahan and Dan Girardi were at Yankee Stadium to discuss the Rangers outdoor games, both were asked if they thought their games would change under Alain Vigneault and what is expected to be a more offensive approach.

Callahan said that things like systems and where you are positioned on the ice may change with a new coach but how he approaches the game won’t and that the way he plays now is the way he has always played.

Girardi said “I don’t think my game is going to change very much, that is how I am successful. I don’t think I am going to get out of the way of any shots. Maybe there will be less to block, we are just all excited to get started here and create a bit more offense.”

Callahan has said multiple times over the years, following his broken ankle and his shoulder surgery, that he won’t change the way he plays.