Read: Dan Girardi and Ryan Callahan Talk About John Tortorella

Tortorella 24/7During his time as head coach of the Rangers, John Tortorella saw Ryan Callahan ascend to the role of captain and saw Dan Girardi become a top-pairing/All-Star defenseman.

Callahan and Girardi, at Yankee Stadium, praised Tortorella for the job he did with the Rangers but noted that changing coaches is part of the business of hockey.

Callahan said, “I thought Torts was great for us, he did great things and as an organization we went pretty far under him. Unfortunately this is part of the business and all you can do is move on and prepare for the next season.

He noted that he has not spoken with Tortorella since he was fired by the Rangers at the end of May.

Girardi said that he was surprised to see Tortorella fired but that sometimes a coaching change is needed. On Tortorella, Girardi said “I think Torts did a great job with the guys in the room, we all loved him”

Tortorella has said that he would put Girardi on a level with any defenseman in the NHL.

Callahan and Girardi were two of four players, Marc Staal and Henrik Lundqvist were the others, who played under Tortorella for the entire time that he was head coach.

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