Quote: What Ryan Callahan Meant To The Rangers

“Yeah, you add him back into the lineup and the whole dynamic of the team changes just because of how physical he is and the work ethic and what he does to a team. There’s a guy like that on every team, and he’s certainly our guy. So it’s disappointing. I know he’s certainly not happy about it.”

Sean Avery to Carp at Rangers Report

He meant everything to the Rangers. He was the heart and soul of the Rangers and they lost a lot when he broke his ankle. I am not sure that he would have been enough to put the Rangers over the Caps, but he would have given the Rangers a better chance at beating the Caps.

He will get a nice new deal from the Rangers and as soon as Chris Drury is no longer on the roster, he will have the “C” put on his jersey.


I like Witt just fine, but he does not compare to Steve Thomas.  A smaller guy who played like the was eight feet tall.  He never backed down from ANYONE ever, and always played with heart in the dirtiest areas.  The best #32 on the Islanders ever.