Note: Ryan Callahan Is Hanging Out With The Nazareth College Hockey Team (Update)

Update: Ryan Callahan skated with Nazareth College on 10/31.

Other Nazareth players also took to twitter to talk about Callahan:

  • Scott Dawson: Unreal having Ryan Callahan out for a skate with the boys today #NewBestFriends #Cally
  • Jared G. DeMichiel: things r going well.Ryan Callahan skated wit the boys today,he wanted a try out
  • Julius Tamasy: Now you can tell your kids you skated with Ryan Callahan
  • TMediak: Skated with Ryan Callahan today
  • Joe Gladnick: Pretty sick skate with Ryan Callahan, the man makes it look easy #snipeselbowin
  • Ed Zdolshek:  For all those wondering.. Yes Ryan Callahan went top bunk on me today. I got the last laugh in rebound game though #iKeptThePuck #ActiveTwig
  • Paul Falanga: Pretty sick having Ryan Callahan practice with us today
  • James Redman: Told ryan callahan not to block my shots since I’m chara will break ankles…he then said to just keep throwing my muffins #Pro
  • Ben Waldman: Great day with the boys and Ryan Callahan on the ice today, what a guy #shotBlockingSpecialist
  • Matt Conway: Skated with Ryan Callahan today…absolutely
  • Tyler Crawford: Nice practice with Ryan Callahan today #beauty

Former NHLer and Rochester native Rory Fitzpatrick is a coach with Nazareth

November 2 at 4:25PM: According to a tweet from Matt Conway, Ryan Callahan was spending time with the Nazareth College Ice Hockey team yesterday.

His tweet said “Yea Ryan Callahan drew up a drill for us today at practice.”

Conway is a freshman defenseman for Nazareth.

Nazareth College is located in Callahan’s hometown of Rochester, NY.