Recap: Mike Richter on MSG talking about Henrik Lundqvist

3/8/14: 10:30PM: Mike Richter was on Rangers post game to discuss Henrik Lundqvist breaking his record for All-Time wins by a Rangers goalie:

  • On 302 for Hank, “Thanks for having me guys. It was the usual. He came up with so many great saves and this has been the way he has been across his career here. It’s a tough game to play when the goals start flying at both ends, it’s great for the Rangers and they needed it but hard as a goalie. He even at the end was still making some phenomenal saves. I’m entertained watching him and in awe of what he has done in a short career really, nine years to pass Eddie, pass myself, he is really an impressive player and fun to watch.”
  • How would you describe Lundqvist, “I think the first thing, look, you don’t win as much as he does unless you have a heck of a lot of talent. He has that for sure but these are the 700 best players in the world and he has a compete level that is through the roof. When you can marry skill and the discipline and character to bring out the best every night. You look at Wayne Gretzky’s and Marty Brodeur’s. guys who have played well across the league, it’s one thing to play great but another to play at the upper range of your capacity with consistency, that is the mark of a great player, consistency and is there is anything that he brings it is that. You don’t get that without a lot of hard work, even with the skill level and I have been very impressed and really, you have to become a fan of anyone who works that hard and marrying that skill with that determination is pretty potent stuff.”
  • On the Rangers as a team, “I think a game like this, as hard as it is on the goalie when it starts opening up, it may be something that they need. 8 goals is great and they get the most important thing which is the two points. This is a team with a lot of fire power if they can get on the right page. They are still absorbing a great guy like St. Louis and you just want him to get into the system and once he starts firing on all cylinders he can help them be a very dangerous team. It was good to see Nash score two. They are fantastic in net, they play a good defensive game, have young legs and if they can get their scoring down they will be a dangerous team in the playoffs.”