Read: Michael Sauer Is Doing “Much Better” But Still Ways Away

According to Katie Strang at ESPN NY, Michael Sauer’s agent says that Sauer is doing “much better” but admits that it is still a “slow process.”

Glen Sather said at the draft that he is “coming along slowly” but making progress and feeling “a bit better.”

John Tortorella said on breakup day that Sauer was a big question mark.

On December 5th, Dion Phaneuf concussed Sauer

Sauer was then placed on IR on 12/14. John Tortorella said on 12/19 that he wasn’t going to be with the team for a while.

In the month of January, it appeared that Sauer was making strides, symptom free, and working towards a return to the lineup.

Sauer suffered a setback near the end of January and in February John Tortorella said that he hadn’t seen Sauer in some time.