Note: John Tortorella On Michael Sauer

During the Q and A session at the Rangers Dog Walk this morning, John Tortorella was asked about Michael Sauer.

Bryan Finkel was there and says that the exchange went like this:

Q: On the chances of seeing Michael Sauer in the beginning of the season?

A:”I don’t think you’ll see Michael.  Michael hasn’t responded that well—I’ll be quite honest—I do not think you’ll see him at the beginning of the season.”

In a transcript provided by the team, Tortorella added That’s a big hole for us. Michael played very well for us, and we certainly missed him during the playoff run. I think it’s going to be a little bit of time before Michael resumes his career.

 It was reported in late June that Sauer was doing “much better” but still had ways to go.

Glen Sather said at the draft that Sauer was doing better but “coming along slowly.”

Dave Maloney said in late July that Sauer was believed to have made “tremendous progress.”

Last month it was suggested that Sauer could start on Long Term IR.