Read: Michael Del Zotto’s Responsibility

In three games so far this season, Michael Del Zotto is averaging over 19 minutes a game in a top four role. With injuries on defense to Michael Sauer and Marc Staal John Tortorella told the Daily News that Del Zotto has an important role on the team right now:

“(Del Zotto) is still a young man, playing a very tough position, with a ton of responsibility on him right now,” Tortorella said. “With the injuries we have right now, there’s a ton of responsibility on Michael.”

Against the Islanders, Del Zotto’s ice time broke down as:

There was some very good and some not so good with DZ against the Isles. There are just little things, like his slide in the defensive zone, that need to be fixed as soon as they can be, but overall he looks like a player who has gotten better. Offensively he is still missing the net, though I think at least once he did it on purpose to try and set up a rebound play, but I am much more concerned with his defense than his offense right now.