Read: Dave Maloney Thinks that Michael Del Zotto Can Be Really Good

Former Rangers captain Dave Maloney was asked during an interview, with Sportsnet 590 about the Rangers defense and then more specifically, how good of a player Michael Del Zotto can become.

Maloney said, “I think he can be really good. I don’t know if he would admit who has been really good for him has been Tortorella. The coach is such a demanding character and there are players who are going to be better players when the game behind the bench demands so much. I think Michael is at a point where he has bought into what the coach demands of him and he has to stay that way. He can bring that threat and imagination that you need off the blue line”

Del Zotto was on with Sportsnet 590 on the day he decided to go to play in Switzerland and said that he was looking forward to using this year as another year to get better and become the player he wants to be.

John Tortorella said that for Michael Del Zotto to take the next step, he needs to play at a high level consistently.