Read: The important thing about the Lee Stempniak and Matthew Lombardi contracts

moneyFor the 2014-15 season, any player with a cap hit under $925,000 that is in the AHL will not count against the NHL salary cap.

The formula that determines this number is the NHL minimum salary plus $375,000. (Cap Geek)

Neither Lee Stempniak, a cap hit of $900,000, or Matthew Lombard, $800,000, would count against the salary cap if sent to the AHL. (NY Post)

Tanner Glass, with a cap hit of $1.45 million, would still hold a cap hit of $525,000 if he were to be put in the AHL.


We've replaced:

Richards with JT Miller=  TBD

B Boyle with Lombardi =TBD 

Pouliot with Stempniak= even

Dorsett  with Glass = even

In the forwards group we saved 11 million in cap. This team is going to be interesting, if the new forwards can perform anywhere near where they are capable of, we'll be fine.  The guys we lost scored 113 points last year,  averaging 28 points. I think that is more than attainable, and the guys we signed can play defensive hockey as well.

While i think the team is no better or worse off than last year, it will be a different team. One thing that was not addressed was the fact that LA size let them have their way with us in the finals, and we got smaller and less gritty.

Gary Wien
Gary Wien

@jcuervo96 yes and no.  LA's size probably won in the end, but it took OT to do it.  Let's say someone like Nash or MSL scores a goal or two in those three games... maybe we don't go to OT.

It's easy to say LA beat us with their size, but harder to say how their size let the Rangers have the lead in every game but one and basically have the leads in the 3rd periods much less.

It was a closer series that it looked imo.