Read: Matt Gilroy Wants To Earn The Trust Of The Coaching Staff

Matt Gilroy has played nine games for the Rangers this season and is averaging 9:19 per game.

The most he has played in a game was 11:10 against the Islanders on 2/7 and the least amount he has played was 4:16 against the Bruins on 2/12.

Against Montreal on Tuesday, Gilroy played 8:43 and had a total of eight shifts. He had three in the first period, three in the second and two in the third period. He didn’t play the final thirteen minutes in that game and his shifts were spread out 4-6 minutes apart.

Against the Capitals on Sunday, Gilroy played 10:48, but only had 1 shift in the third period and didn’t play the final 16:53. His shifts were again spread out four and seven minutes apart.

Against the Islanders on 2/7 and against the Penguins on 1/31, Gilroy had five third period shifts.

In his seven other games, Gilroy has received between 1 and 3 shifts in the third period.

Gilroy told the NY Post that he only expects to get more ice time when he feels the coaches have more trust in him, “players have to earn the trust of these coaches before they get ice time. I understand that and I understand that I need to keep working on my game and improve. I think I’ve matured.”

He added that he has changed his attitude, from his first time with the Rangers, and accepts that this is a process and needs to take everything day by day.

John Tortorella said yesterday, via SNY, “I think Gilly has been improving. It’s his coverages low. He is natural at getting up the ice. We like his mobility. He needs to be stronger defensively cause no matter if we score one or get shutout, we need to continue to work on our play away from the puck. That has been a point of emphasis with Gilly all the wya through. I think he has shown improvement but last night I thought he took a step backward defensively.”