Recap: Marty Biron’s Comments On Being Placed on Waivers

via Carp from Rangers Report, Marty Biron spoke about being placed on waivers:

  • On what he would like to happen, “I don’t know. Obviously I need to take some time and think about it. I’ll talk to the family, get some opinions from other people. I’ll see what comes out of it.”

  • Would you retire, “I don’t know. I think there are many options ahead of me, we will see what happens with being on waivers. There are different options that will be presented and I will see what fits the best. It’s not the best scenario and I will be alright and figure it out.”
  • On his confidence, “it wasn’t that high. I battled that up like everyone else in here did. This isn’t a fun feeling, it’s not something I have had to experience in my career. We will battle. I came into practice this morning and did what I had to do, worked hard. I will play it as it comes.”
  • On his emotions, “it’s all very raw and fresh. Did I see that coming or was it in the back of my mind….my feelings are all over the place. I need to sort out the real ones from the ones that are caught in the moment.”
  • Did you see it coming, “I didn’t see it coming….I had a talk with AV a few days back and I know that obviously my situation….I didn’t….after the St. Louis and I had no information that it was possibly going to happen. I talked with AV a few days back and sometimes you try and pick yourself up when something is on the line. It just didn’t happen.