Recap: Marty Biron On HNIC Radio/Talks About Playing Time This Season/How He Is Good Pals With Henrik Lundqvist

  • On playing time, “I don’t think you can plan ahead for the whole season and what we do here, John Tortorella has a plan in mind and he discusses it with Benoit Allaire. He likes to set up a tentative schedule.
  • On how he feels, “I feel really good. I had a lot of guys in the Buffalo area that I could skate with and we got here early last week and had our team on the ice to have hard workouts. The first game is going to be about slowing things down and trusting the work you are doing in practice. A lot of guys are anxious to get going and getting strong starts that will pave the way for the whole thing moving forward.”
  • On being part of the negotiating committee, “I wasn’t one of the main players in there. I only took part in two bargaining sessions but it was a lot of help to have smart guys, those guys knew how to handle themselves in the board room and respect the people across the table. I had to be on top of everything because I had to address and update all of my teammates.”
  • “My preparation has been so much better since I came to the Rangers and worked with Benoit Allaire. If he says that I am ready then I feel as if I am ready.”

  • On the shot blocking/defense style, “it may look like it makes it difficult, but it makes it so much easier. Many times the guys are blocking shots that will be harder shots for the goalies. It is a very big part of our game. I am a beneficiary of that because the scoring chances are being stopped in their tracks.
  • On his relationship with Henrik Lundqvist, “we kind of hit it off from my first day in camp with the Rangers. I had heard the legend of Henrik Lundqvist as a “pretty boy.” He is just a really nice guy. We sit together on the plane, we plug our headphones into the computer and watch TV shows together. The guys laugh because during practice it will be me, Henrik and Benny off to the side just chit chatting and guys skate by and ask if the hugging session is over. They ask if we are having a love fest. We cheer for one another. It’s one of the best relationships I have ever had.”
  • “I usually stay away from him on game days. He will come to me if he has questions, but I usually don’t bring it up. I know he is prepared and if he comes to me, which he has done in the past, I will try to answer to the best of my abilities. He is a pro, our MVP and a Vezina Trophy winner.”

via Jordan