Note: Henrik Lundqvist Is Happy To Get A Lot of Minutes/Happy To Rest Tonight

Marty Biron makes his second start of the season tonight as the Rangers take on the Islanders.

Henrik Lundqvist, who has started the Rangers last four games, said this morning that he feels the minutes he has been playing lately has helped his game, but he will enjoy his rest tonight, “It’s been a lot of games lately. I am going to take this opportunity to rest and watch this game, but I need to be ready in case something happens. The good thing when you sit out is that when you come back you are so excited to get back out and play. This season is different because you have more energy, it’s not like you are tired at all. I am happy to see a lot of minutes here, it’s helped me get back to where I should be.”

When asked about how Marty Biron prepares and the differences between the two, Lundqvist said “he is very relaxed. He talks a lot when he plays. It’s easier to approach him before the game. I kind of let him do his thing. He doesn’t really talk to me before the game. When we get close he is focused. We are just very different there. I am in my bubble and he is very relaxed. That is just the way he is, being focused when it’s time to be focused.”

John Tortorella said on Behind the Bench that the two are polar opposites in how they handle themselves.