Read: What Mark Messier Leaving The Organization Means

On Hockey Central at Noon on 6/28, Nick Kypreos talked about his former teammate Mark Messier and his choice to leave the organization.

Kypreos said that it wasn’t a surprise and that Messier was ready to take on a new challenge and Glen Sather wasn’t ready to promote Messier to head coach at this time.

He adds that if the Rangers were in a different position and a younger/rebuilding team, Messier could have been the perfect hire but since the Rangers are in a small window where they think they can win the Stanley Cup, it wasn’t the right time.

People want someone with a resume or experience, more than what he has done for Hockey Canada, it’s a timing thing. If the team was younger it would be a perfect fit, but right now it isn’t. They are in a small window

Glen Sather told Katie Strang that he and Messier are parting on “great terms” and said in his statement that Messier will always be part of the Rangers family.

THIS SECTION is about Messier and the Rangers coaching job.

Adam Rotter: Without knowing the extent of Messier’s role as “Special Assistant” to Glen Sather, it’s hard to know how much Messier will be missed. It was always nice to have Mark Messier around the team, but with that came a certain amount of pressure and talk about where he would ultimately end up. He was a long-shot to take over for Glen Sather as GM but I still consider him the front runner to take over for Sather as President when Sather decides to retire.