Read: Mark Messier Has Been Thinking About Coaching For A While/What He Brings As A Coach

Monday, on Team 1200 in Ottawa, Pierre McGuire said that Mark Messier has been thinking about coaching for some time and that the two of them had conversations about coaching a few years ago.

McGuire notes that there is some precedent for a team bringing in a former player with no experience and points to Montreal doing so with Mario Tremblay in the 90s.

Tremblay coached two years in Montreal, before being replaced by Alain Vigneault, and was a main reason why Patrick Roy asked to be traded.

McGuire, who was an assistant coach and head coach for part of a season in the early/mid 90s, said that coaching isn’t an easy thing and not something that you do like a regular 9-5 job.

Elliotte Friedman at CBC spoke with a source that said being a head coach “now” is about delivering a message no one delivers a message better than Messier. The source did say that Messier would need experience around him but “that can be done.”

THIS SECTION is all about Mark Messier’s interest in becoming head coach of the Rangers.