Read: Which Marian Gaborik Is Coming This Season?

Since scoring 42 goals in 2007-08, Marian Gaborik has always followed up a 40 goal season with an injury ravaged low scoring season.

Gaborik had 13 goals in 2008-09, he missed all but 17 games due to injury, then signed with the Rangers and had 42 goals.

The following season Gaborik missed time with a shoulder injury and concussion and only scored 22 goals in 62 games before playing in all 82 games last season and scoring 41 goals.

Sportsnet says that based on the past, Gaborik is due for a down season and Carp from Rangers Report wonders which Gaborik the Rangers will have this season, “the one who scored 42 goals his first year in New York, the one who scored 22 his second year, or the one who scored 41 last year.”

At the beginning of training camp, John Tortorella was asked about Gaborik and said that he has become a different player than he was when he first came to the Rangers, “I’m not sure I said this last year, but from the first day he came here to now, what he is, he has changed, he’s always on the ice. I remember the first year was like pulling teeth to get him on the ice at certain times to practice. He’s grown mentally. The year he had last year, the playoffs he had last year and going through the injury that he had…he is still growing as a player. He is still growing mentally and I think…he has to be a huge part of it this year.

Adam Rotter: Gaborik was great last season with seven game winners and 20 goals that broke a tie and gave the Rangers the lead. He is a game breaker and no longer the Rangers only offensive threat so the defense can’t just collapse on him. He was healthy all season until the Ottawa series but stayed in the lineup and played a on shoulder that needed major surgery. I see Gaborik breaking his trend and coming up with another big season.