Read: Mark Messier On Marian Gaborik

Earlier this week, while in Los Angeles, Mark Messier was asked about Marian Gaborik.

Messier responded, “Marian Gaborik is 10 times the hockey player he was when he came to the New York Rangers three years ago.  He continues to improve, he continues to want to improve.  He was proud of the way he played.”

Over the past three seasons Marian Gaborik has scored 106 goals and 105 assists in 220 games. (0.959 points per game)

In the four years before the lockout, Gaborik scored 96 goals and 112 assists in 295 games. (0.705 points per game)

In the four years after the lockout, Gaborik scored 123 goals and 106 assists in 207 games. (1.106 points per game)

The average shot distance for Gaborik was 23.4 feet which was the closest to the net for a Rangers player who consistently played in the top six.

On the power play, where Gaborik scored on six of his 58 attempted shots, his average distance was 22.5 feet.

On the season Gaborik had, John Tortorella told Bob Costas on Monday, “He had a heck of a year for us this year, especially after the year he had last year. For him to come out to play 82 games, as injured as he was, and I didn’t know that until the playoffs was over. He has grown as a person and grown as a player. When he first came to us he wanted days off and he didn’t think he needed to practice all the time. High marks for him as far as what he did in the playoffs, I want to make sure that is understood. We are going to need him to get as healthy as possible as quickly as possible.”

The Rangers website put up a very cool slideshow showing all 50 of Gaborik’s goals (including preseason, all-star and playoffs) this season.