Read: Marian Gaborik Has Changed His Game/Is On A Roll

In his last three games, Marian Gaborik has five goals, three assists and 12 shots.

Following the game winner against Boston on Wednesday, Dave Maloney said on ESPN Radio “there have been a lot of times where people have questioned Gaborik’s will….well tonight, he willed that puck into the net.

After the game on Wednesday, John Tortorella said, “he has changed himself as a player since he came here. He was a perimeter guy when he got here that didn’t want to practice because he was sore. He wasn’t injured. I think he has grown so much mentally in how he conducts himself. He is always on the ice. I bet 80% of his goals last year were 5-7 feet from the net. He is a very talented player that is willing to be there.”

Adam Rotter: Just as he did last year, Gaborik is scoring big goals when the Rangers need him. He has fully bought into the Rangers system and willing to pay the price, in front of the net, on defense, along the boards, to help the Rangers win.