Read: Marian Gaborik Can’t Rely On Anyone Else To Get Him Going

4:43PM: Gaborik, via the Daily News, said today that the bottom line is that he needs to be better.

Gaborik said, “I have to make a difference, so I have to bring my game to another level, try to have something right away. I have to get going, be more engaged and get something going right away – if it’s a good play or a chance, I have to get my legs going right away and things can happen.”

4:12PM: According to Steve Zipay and Andrew Gross, Tortorella and Gaborik had a 12 minute chat during practice today with Tortorella doing most of the talking and Gaborik doing most of the listening.

Gaborik told Blue Notes that it was a “good conversation.”

3:18PM: After scoring five goals in seven games in January, Marian Gaborik has scored four goals in the last 26 games.

He had two in 12 games in February and has two in 14 games in March.

In the past two games, Gaborik has two shots on goal. In the two games prior, one of which he scored in, Gaborik had 13 shots on goal.

Gaborik has played about 15:40 in the past two games and was skating with Kris Newbury and Taylor Pyatt during Friday’s practice.

John Tortorella told the Daily News that Gaborik needs to move his legs. He added that Gaborik’s skills are “still there” and “he’s a really good player, but it’s just a matter of getting himself on track here. It starts with his legs.

Dave Maloney said of Gaborik recently, “he needs to take the bull by the horns and be the player he knows he can be. Gaborik needs to take responsibility for being the player he needs to be.”

16 of Gaborik’s 19 points have come at home.

There has been a tremendous amount of speculation about the Rangers trading Gaborik.

Adam Rotter: Gaborik starting the game on the fourth line doesn’t mean he will spend the whole game there, but with his struggles, the fourth line could present a match up that he can take advantage of. John Tortorella, at least publicly and probably privately, is trying to build up Gaborik, but he has had him in the top six recently and Gaborik hasn’t produced. Mats Zuccarello is around and they need to see if he can spark anything.

I still don’t think the Rangers move Gaborik at the trade deadline and instead look to trade him around the draft.