Read: Jeff Gorton On Taking Back Salary In A Trade

At ESPN Insider Craig Custance wrote about how teams are now able to absorb parts of contracts in trades and the impact it may have on this year’s trade deadline.

Custance says that the new rule has only been used once, when Toronto traded Matthew Lombardi back to Phoenix, but in speaking with Rangers assistant GM Jeff Gorton, it has been a topic of conversation during trade talks.

Gorton said that the ability to absorb salary is “valuable” and the Rangers are in the process of feeling out how the process works. He adds, “If there’s a money concern on one team and the other team has the ability to keep it, it’s significant. As we move forward it’s going to play a big role in player deals.”

There has been speculation that teams may have asked the Rangers to absorb part of Marian Gaborik’s salary in a potential trade.