Note: How Marian Gaborik’s Season Ended

Marian Gaborik followed up a 41 goal and 35 assist regular season with a six goal and five assist postseason for the Rangers.

On his play, Gaborik told the NY Post, “It’s definitely a big disappointment.”

In the first round, Gaborik had one goal and two assists with 13 shots. In the second round Gaborik had seven points in seven games and had 28 shots on goal. In the Conference Finals, Gaborik had one goal and 19 shots on goal.

Adam Rotter: I understand all the frustration with Gaborik and the desire that some have to trade him, but you don’t trade guys who scored 41 goals, scored seven game winning goals and broke 20 ties during the regular season. His playoffs weren’t up to snuff but he was far from the only Ranger for which you can say that. The Rangers are team that struggles to score and moving a guy like Gaborik wouldn’t help fix that problem.