Read: John Moore Reminds Some People Of A Teammate

In 2009, when he was about to get drafted, John Moore was ranked sixth overall by NHL Central Scouting. The first thing mentioned in his scouting report is that he is a “world class skater” and his first two strides are like Hockey Hall of Famer Paul Coffey’s.

MooreWhen asked about Moore, John Tortorella said recently that he loves the way that Moore skates and the “balls” he has when he makes some of his plays on the ice.

Because of the way that he skates and their numbers, Tortorella said that he sometimes thinks he is watching Ryan McDonagh when he sees Moore on the ice.

Tortorella said that Moore is a “clone” of McDonagh.

He adds that Moore has been very coachable and trying to make strides as a player since coming to the Rangers.

When asked about the comparison to McDonagh, Moore said that he looks up to McDonagh both on the ice and also off the ice in how McDonagh handles himself and approaches the game every day.

On Moore, Dave Maloney said on MSG, “this is a guy that just needs to play. He skates so well and whatever mistakes he makes he can make up with his skating. He reminds me in some ways of Ryan McDonagh.