Read: John Moore Is Surprising People

John MooreIn his past six games, John Moore has three assists and has played between 12 and 14 minutes.

Last night he had an assist, was a plus one, had one shot and played 13:28.

John Tortorella said on MSG after the Rangers win against the Sabres that Moore has shown the team more and played a higher than level than they expected.

He adds that Moore is growing with his defense and that he is also showing some good offensive instincts.

Tortorella said on Sunday after the Rangers beat the Devils that Moore keeps on growing and is accepting some of the offensive roles that the coaching staff is putting him in.

Last night on MSG, Dave Maloney said that Moore is going to get a lot better as he starts to better understand the game.

Before the game last night, John Tortorella told the NY Post “he’s made some good plays. He’s surprised me with some of the offensive plays he’s made, not just on the power play, but on the 5-on-5. So we’re going to keep him there and see where it goes.”