Buzz: The kind of bridge deal that John Moore may be looking at (Update)

Steve Ott,  John Moore7/22/14 | 8:15PM: Moore’s contract is expected to pay him close to his qualifying offer of $850,500. (NY Post)

7/5/14 | 9:12PM: John Moore is an RFA but without arbitration writes so he is likely to sign a two-year bridge deal that Larry Brooks thinks won’t be for much more than his qualifying offer of $850,500. (NY Post)

Brooks speculates a two-year deal worth $1.1 million for the 23-year old defenseman. (NY Post)

Moore had 4 goals and 11 assists this season while averaging 15:19 per game and 1:05 on the PP in 76 games.

In the playoffs, Moore played in 21 games, had two assists and averaged 14:32 per game and 1:50 on the PP.

In the regular season, Moore’s Corsi % (shots for and against when on the ice at 5 on 5) was 51.6% for the Rangers and in the playoffs it was 50.4%. (ES)

The percentage that Moore started each of his 5 on 5 shifts this season was: (ES)

  • Offensive: 41.9%(Regular Season) 48.2% (Playoffs)
  • Neutral: 33.9% (Regular Season) 37.7% (Playoffs)
  • Defensive: 24.2%(Regular Season) 14.1% (Playoffs)